Nair to Co-Anchor ‘World News Now,’ ‘America This Morning’

Sep 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC News has named Vinita Nair co-anchor of “World News Now” and “America This Morning.” She joins Jeremy Hubbard in anchoring duties for ABC News’ morning programs.
Ms. Nair also will contribute reports to other ABC News broadcasts and platforms.
Ms. Nair joined ABC News in 2007 as an anchor-correspondent for ABC News NOW, ABC’s digital network.
“We’re pleased that Vinita has agreed to expand her role at ABC News. She has already demonstrated her versatility and strength as a journalist, and she will be a great asset to ‘World News Now’ and ‘America This Morning,’” ABC News President David Westin said in a statement.


  1. I sure do enjoy catching the early morning news with Vinita and Jeremy. You both work so well together. Keep up the great job!
    Eau Claire WI

  2. Guys:
    You know what would be cool as a regular feature on your unique show would be a live shot of somewhere else in the world during your broadcast. I’ve always held a child-like wonder in how people on the other side of the world are starting their day — going off to work, dropping off the kids at school, etc. — as we prepare for sleep. A live feed from one of these other places (perhaps with accompanying fun facts about said place) would be an interesting feature to me. Such features have a way of making one feel a connectedness to other people.
    Anyway, that’s just a quick thought that occurred to me. I really enjoy the ease of banter of Hubbard/Nair. I believe you’ve finally struck the right balance between levity and seriousness. Thanks!
    Tony Cantu
    San Antonio, TX

  3. Jeremy and Vinita come off as so self righteous. It is only too obvious they are left wing liberals. This morning show always seems to get real bonehead news anchors. They are constantly turning their nose up whenever someone out of Hollywood is in trouble. They seem to think they are too good. Please, get the facts before you share your bias opinions. You both need to work behind the camera.

  4. I am an early riser and exclusively watch Jeremy and Vinita every weekday. I think they complement each other, and my day is not complete if I don’t watch the ABC early news. Thank you for a job well done.

  5. I love watching Vinita Nair, I try not to miss seen her, oh she is a great anchor, not mention that she is hot!

  6. Staying up until 3am everyday to watch ABC World News Now is a tough thing to do,but once Vinita Nair comes on it’s very easy because I’m wide awake.She is very attractive.Jeremy and Vinita keep your attention while giving the news.If I had 10 thumbs,I’d give ten thumbs up to them!

  7. We record you every morning and watch you with our cups of coffee when we arise. Love your easy going manner, great humor and interesting stories. You keep us informed as well as entertained. Thank you so much. Kudos to you both. Know that there are those of us out here who think you’re doing a terrific job and we wouldn’t miss beginning our day with you.

  8. I watch this news report daily and really thought that Jeremy and Vinita were two great reporters; however, I am disturbed by how they address our President. I have never heard either of them refer to President Bush as Mr. Bush, but they often refer to President Obama as Mr. Obama. If you are happy with the results of the election or not, President Obama has been elected to the highest office in the United States and he has earned the title of President Obama. It also exhibits professionalism to address him correctly. May I suggest to edit your reports before going on air, so that you can address our President with the respect he deserves.

  9. I’m writing in response to the report about blacks being discriminated against in stores. I say to any person who has been wrongfully profiled, grab the phone, get a drink of your choice, and shop the Home Shopping Networks. I guarantee, stores who hire fools, who harass, will find themselves, “OUT OF BUSINESS”.

  10. Just wanted to let Vinita and Jeremy know I have been a fan of World News Now for years. They are the best of all the anchors and I have liked several of them alot. Vinita is so classy and has a great sense of humor with intelligence and it shows. Sometimes anchors are good at the news but their personalities seem a little corny or plain silly. She has the right mix and I love the chemistry with her and Jeremy. And yes she of course is very pretty to look at! Jeremy is a good fit as well!

  11. i get up every morning at 4 am just to watch you vinita

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