Palin Nabs Highest ’08 Broadcast TV Convention Ratings

Sep 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech during Wednesday night’s Republican National Convention bested Democratic speeches from Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and, in some cases, Barack Obama in preliminary ratings.
Speaking last night, along with former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Gov. Palin took in a 5.4 rating/8 share on NBC, according to preliminary overnight household data from Nielsen Media Research, measuring 55 markets across the United States.
In terms of this year’s conventions, the preliminary rating for NBC’s coverage last night is higher than any other night of the convention on the broadcast networks, including Sen. Obama’s nomination acceptance speech on Aug. 28.
However, the ratings are preliminary and are subject to change.
ABC averaged a 4.0/6, up more than a full ratings point against the DNC’s third day, and CBS scored a 3.1/5, beating its previous Wednesday coverage by 29%.
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  1. I’m a Dem and would never have watched. However, because of my obvious distrust of this women I wanted to check it out. It was awful. An Awful speech with no rhetorical skill whatsoever.

  2. Duh. Duh? Drink some more kool-aid.

  3. Please even Joe Biden said it was a amazing speech and that Governor Palin will be a very
    strong when they debate. Give credit where credit is due she was outstanding

  4. The Democrats (and accordingly, the media) just do not know what to do about Palin. She is stronger and much more likable than Hillary. And the Republicans again will be the first to make history with Women in the upper reaches of American Politics. (remember, the first female Supreme Court Justice was nominated by a Republican and the first female Secretary of State was nominated by a Republican; and let’s not forget the first African American Secretary of State). Palin is strong, likable, and extremely talented. She is about what is right – and like John McCain is not afraid to speak out against even those in her party. (that’s a bit different than Obama’s #1 ranking and Biden’s #3 ranking as the most liberal in the Senate – they just go along with the partisan politics. This is going to be fun.

  5. Awful speech? its people like you whom are what is wrong with this country…. dishonest, can’t be objective or truthful unless it advances your cause. Across the board, she was specific as well as stunning. It hurts doesn’t to face truths I know, being hidden from them by the media is what you are use to. Palin was brilliant. Simple.

  6. When no one on earth knows who you are or what your qualifications are, it would make sense that people would have to watch the speech. Fortunately, she made it clear why there’s no reason to know who she is.

  7. Duh and I must be living in different universes, separated by a churning ocean of disparate social views. Obama and Biden did nothing for me. A few minutes into their speeches, I went to the kitchen to load the dishwasher. Everyone’s different, obviously. Obama and Biden were “yadda, yadda, yadda” to me. I made it through Hillary Clinton’s speech, however. In fact, I found myself cheering for her. Wondering why she wasn’t on the Democratic ticket. Digging her orange pants suit and spunk. Last night? I LOVED Sarah Palin’s speech. Watched every second of it. Clapped. Whooped a time or two. Reminded myself of my husband during a football game. Often agreed. Sarah Palin TOTALLY worked for me.

  8. Fortunately, Duh is in the minority. It was a brilliant speech delivered in a fantastic way. I’m saddened by the way this sincere woman was attacked, but on the upside, more “Dem’s” were watching and I can’t help but feel confident that not all “Dem’s” are of the Duh caliber and are really REAL Americans that will see this Woman for what she is. A sincere, hard working Mom who will work hard for the American People and the American Dream and NOT work hard for own political status…. GO MCCAIN-PALIN!!!!

  9. Duh? Awful speech? Ha! There is news out now that Sarah had to wing half of the speech because the teleprompter broke!
    Remember when Obama’s teleprompter broke? I do.
    She has my vote. Period.

  10. Most of my family – almost all Democrats – watched the speech and loved it. They were very impressed with her.
    Even the non-political members of my family watched. One of the younger girls in the family asked why people were attacking her.
    “Duh” – Why do you “obviously” distrust her? She’s a good person.
    What made the speech “awful”? Was it the lack of fireworks and Hollywood music (like Senator Obama had)?

  11. Supreme Irony Alert: The Slobbering Liberoid Democrat Media Shills for Obama have been floundering in an orgy of smears, lies and gutter politics to destroy Governor Palin.
    They succeeded in getting her the highest ratings in history, uniting the Republican Party, raisiing millions for McCain-Palin, making Mainstream America furious at Liberal Media Bias, and energizing the Conservative base to get the vote out for the election!
    Nice job, morons!

  12. I was hoping that the speech would eclipse the Obama speech in numbers. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I don’t think it would have been so big an audience if Democrats and the MSM hadn’t demonized her so much. If they just would have played it cool and said why do we care who he chooses I think they would have been better off. I am glad it turned out the way it did because more people got to see a tremendous speech and realized she is a talented and remarkable woman.

  13. It was a lousy speech. More right wing racist B.S. Just face it. McBush dropped the ball with this pick and you know it. Paul is the only hope the GOP has. Do not forget that the GOP HAS RUN WASHINGTON THE LAST EIGHT YEARS AND WHERE HAS THAT GOTTEN US?

  14. Now the Democrats will say that the so-called scandals were a Republican trick to increase ratings !! Those sneaky Republicans.
    Phenomenal speech. Phenomenal woman.
    God Bless America !

  15. Fantastic speech. I’ve watched all of them, DNC and RNC alike. Hers stirred me the most. She comes across as genuine, likeable, principled and driven. What’s not to like? And, being the adoptive mother of two special needs children and sister/sister-in-law of several members of the armed forces, she tugged at my heart strings. Many of our young people are looking at this election through American Idol eyes. Here’s an American Idol I hope goes all the way to the White House. Go John & Sarah!

  16. John Stewart pretty much said all that needed to be said, I think.

  17. Sarah is the new rock star, I guess. Noen of the guys could have outpolled Obama. The choice of Palin was a media masterstroke.

  18. I’m an independent and really don’t think the two parties address enough of what the rest of us out here care about. I agree that the “Obama worship” doesn’t make sense, but Palin and Rudy were very nasty towards Obama for no good reason and didn’t talk about what she and McCain would do or believes. I like McCain’s experience and service, but don’t understand why they want to spend all this time just making fun of people rather than talking about jobs, education, and the cost of everything out here that is going up. I think alot of you in both parties are too partisan to understand how this looks to the the rest of us.

  19. I don’t understand how anyone can possibly think she made a good speech. sure, it was well written (wonder who wrote it for her) but her delivery stunk to high heaven. Can you omagine someone with that voice and accent talking to Putin? Or any other world leader for that matter. If McCain wanted to pick a woman, he should have at least picked someone who speaks English well, such as Dole or Hutchinson. And she totally dodged all the key issues that she advocates just to rook in people. She wants to establish creationism in public school science cirricula, something the Catholic Church itself argued agaisnt in Pennsylvania court a couple years ago. She wants to abolish abortion in all cases. She’s a gun nut. And in 1996 she spoke at a conference that advolcates Alaska seceding from the USA. She’s a nutcase who looks good. Face it, she’s a loser.

  20. Palin is a God damned wolf hating Nazi bitch. The idea of her in our government sickens me. When the word gets out that she and her husband want Alaska to secede from the Union, peoples minds will change.

  21. I am a Republican and a woman – and this is a well coached, nut case! Look past her good old girl self at what she stands for, AND BE VERY AFRAID! Her ego is bigger than Bush’s, and look where he has taken us…

  22. Milton – Racist? What are you talking about? Race wasn’t mentioned at all.

  23. Yay Palin can read put-downs off a teleprompter in a sarcastic tone of voice!
    It was a great speech if you like substance free, nasty and mean-spirited. No wonder the Republicans love it!

  24. “Yay Palin can read put-downs off a teleprompter in a sarcastic tone of voice”
    Her teleprompter wasn’t working properly half the time. Let see Obama try that!

  25. Catlady, be civil. And, if all of the crap on Obama didn’t change people’s minds…
    I can see why you call yourself Catlady: MEOW.

  26. She was trying to prove she was tough by being nasty and sarcastic for no reason. Obama asked people to leave her kids alone and then she makes fun of his work in inner-city Chicago. I’m not impressed – McCain could have done much better.

  27. typical god’s own party speech filled with lies, hate, snarky jokes and condenscending remarks.
    i am glad the ratings were so high. it is important that everyone see how god’s own party, with their strong father/govt rules your life mentality, is totally out of line with wind they create.
    they call for smaller govt….and make it bigger then ever. they call for freedom….and demansd the federal govt regulate every aspect of your personal life, they call for strong national security, refuse to assist law enforcement with finding out how guns/bullets/shell casings arrive at crime scenes, they talk about transparency yet forbid their operatives from testifying before Congress, they talk a new energy policy while fighting in the courts to keep the current policy secret, they support Israel but put up politicians who demand religious conversion, they love warrriors this time round and abused their records last time around.
    what about immigration? what about the defecit?
    god’s own party are supreme liers, but, this time the gov of Ohio is not the election stealing flunky as in 2004 and Florida’s Jews are certainly not going with a Jew for Jesus ticket.

  28. Great speech, lousy content. Bashing the liberal media and the liberal candidate is nothing new for the Republicans. She’s a mom, wow, big deal. Someone let me know when she starts talking about issues that matter- not once did she talk about healthcare, not once did she talk about wage depression, not once did she talk about security, (unless saying Obama is for defeat is a strategy) not once did she talk about anything that really mattered.
    She’s great for the cameras and rallying the troops, but she can’t talk issues and she can’t talk policy, and that’s what I care about. That’s also why the RNC will not let her be interviewed.

  29. Terrific speech.
    As a Hillary supporter who is angry at Obama for RAPING Hillary . . .
    I will gladly vote for McCain/Palin!

  30. I’ve been on the fence on who to vote for. I was not pleased with what I have heard so far from the Republican side, including Palin’s speech last night. I was looking forward to hearing what they plan on doing to restore our country. So far it seems that if Palin and McCain are elected into office, it’s just going to be the same thing we’ve had with Bush being in office. I am very disappointed. I had really hoped that they were going to address what they plan on doing to make things better. I really don’t feel that they care about the working class whatsoever or the recession that we are in. Four more years of this and it’s going to be worse, and I don’t think I want that for myself or my children.

  31. Milton – you are a dimwit. If you think you know better then run for office. If you think you know better then adopt a terrorist who you think deserves rights to US laws. If you really think this then pls go to http://WWW.state.gov and renounce your US citizenship.
    KM – if you think accent is the key to diplomacy then you are a moron. I guess you would say the same thing about Truman. It is not the accent, it is the intensity and forthright talk that Putin will hear. It is the same look he has when he pulls the trigger that he will see across the table from McCain and Palin.
    Bill – obviously, you have never been a mom and worse you probably do not respect your own mother with your derisive and stupid comment. Shame on you.
    This speech was about Palin and where she came from and how she got there…plenty of opptys ahead to showcase her plain talk approach re the issues.

  32. I’m a democrat and was undecided until last night. Sarah Palin is a fresh face is Washington in so many ways. Sorry Obama, she burned you and exposed your rhetoric. Leave it to a woman to do it. I’m voting for McCain in November.

  33. Great speech! She had plenty of substance. She talked about ways to ease prices at the pump, long term. She showed she has more experience than either of the opposition candidates. She was smooth and contrasts her vision of management in these important offices. She has been mistreated by the news media. They (the news media) don’t scrutinize Barrack Obama’s associations with radical personalities. I was undecided until now I will vote for McCain/Palin.

  34. Now I understand why the left so has so much fear and loathing for this woman. She has shown that she can out Obama Obama when it comes to stirring up a crowd and galvanizing the American people.

  35. I do not like McCain, was not going to vote for him, but I can honestly say that Sarah Palin just won this election for John McCain.

  36. People like Milton have been drinking way too much kool-ade. Let me translate what these idiots are saying to us: if you disagree with the DNC, Nobama, Reid, or Pelosi you are a racist biggot. That sounds a little like a Fascist, doesn’t it? I support McCain/Palin 100% for this very reason. Why should we vote for an unqualified candidate like Nobama just because Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the do-nothing Democratic-controlled Congress want us to? Doing so would be stupid – king of like dear Milton and his gang of hypocrites.

  37. Some people on here are so excited that there is a rumor that Palin’s teleprompter was on the fritz. Well I hate to tell you this but Obama actually wrote his own speech. A monkey could deliver a speech off of a teleprompter.
    I am a speech professor and must say what passes for a “great” speech in this country is laughable. She did deliver a speech that was full of words and phrases for the base conservatives and fundamentalists. If that was her goal she nailed it. If she was trying to reach out to Independents and possible Hillary Clinton supporters forget it.

  38. I’m a stay at home mom of roughly the same age as Sarah and while I think she’d be great for our PTA and maybe governor of Georgia, it is really frightening to think of her as president of the United States of America! We’ve tried the friendly guy who’s not a deep thinker and look where it’s gotten us. Sarah needs a few more trips around the block before she’ll be ready for prime time.
    This makes me very concerned about how desperate McCain must feel right now.

  39. Great job…An honest candidate. No promise of Free, Free, Free – – – – for the non-working Americans. Hey Libs, NEWS FLASH: Nothing is free from the government. Tax paying Americans pay for your free college, health care, food stamps. I am so sick of Democrats re-distributing my hard earned money so they can buy votes. The liberals don’t like Sarah Palin because she works for a living.

  40. GOPers are always deceived by symbols and signs.there is never any substance to their campaigns. THE HEART of AMERICA was in DENVER last week.thats the AMERICA I LOVE. Americans of all colors standing together because they care about people. that is why a new coalition is being formed in the American electorate.COMMON SENSE Americans will put a stop.GOPers are lyers and fearmongers.GOD HATES THAT WAY OF OPERATING. HE is the FATHER OF TRUTH AND LOVE.satan is the father of fear and hate.THE GOP HAS no truth to tell.did you notice all those empty seats in that liittle stadium?mccain and the GOP are desperate and it shows.

  41. Palin answered the question at the root of most of the criticisms and concerns about her: Is she strong enough? By answering that question clearly, she has her detractors concerned because that was what they thought her kryptonite was. Everything else flying through the media is about as effective as Cheney’s daughter’s homosexuality was against Bush by election day. What gave Bush the presidency for 8 years was the willingness for the people in the burbs and rural areas to take the effort to go to the polling stations for him, and Palin may have had the same effect for McCain. And this scares Obama supporters to their core.

  42. Rascalofearth, did you sleep through High School Government class? Oh wait, public schools don’t actually teach the difference between the parties anymore. Maybe you didn’t catch the line in Obama’s speach where he reminded the world that the Democrats that they are “Our brothers’ keepers”. It’s the Obama/Reid/Pelosi gang that want to be responsible for every aspect of your life from whether or not you are allowed to develop in your mother’s womb to whether or not you receive the medicine you need to cure the cancer that you might get later in life.
    To quote from Mike Huckabee last night, “I’m not a Republican because I grew up rich, I’m a Republican because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me”. Democrats are the ones that want to create a welfare state that leaves noone but the powerbrokers in charge of the money. That is why they are so afraid of Sarah Palin. She is their worst nightmare. A plain old fashioned American citizen who came in to politics for the right reason, to make a difference for her family and her community. The fact that people noticed her and convinced her to keep going is a wonderful gift to the American people.
    Any by the way, God doesn’t have a party. All of this stuff is of our own making.

  43. There was absolutely no substance whatsoever to that speech, aside from the misleading or outright false statements. She said Obama had not authored a single bill. Hello? He authored the most sweeping ethics reform bill in Senate history. Anyone paying attention knows that. The ridicule of Obama’s years as a community organizer, from 1985 to 1988 (he was 27 then) makes as much sense as focusing on Sarah’s time as a sportscaster at a two-bit TV station in the late 1980s.
    The BS about her having more “executive” experience than Obama or Biden? Based on that ridiculous, misleading definition, she left out McCain, as well as John Kennedy. She also left out LBJ, Ford, Nixon, and Bush Sr before they became VP. Does that mean she is more qualified than they were? Of course not, but never let logic get in the way of an insult.
    I am also astounded at the blatant hypocrisy from some Republicans in their pronouncement that Palin’s speech now clears away all the doubts and shows that she is qualified to be Vice President. The GOP spent 6 months saying that all Obama could do was give a good speech, which showed he was not qualified to be president. NOW, they say that one speech by Palin answers all the questions about her and is sufficient to judge that she’s qualified to be president! Do Republicans ever stop and think before they speak? Apparently, not often enough.

  44. “We’ve tried the friendly guy who’s not a deep thinker and look where it’s gotten us.”
    Oh, ya mean like Carter… or Billy Clinton?

  45. Excellent speech, Sarah! I was a skeptic but totally convinced you’re the right VP candidate. You have shown more results and accomplishments in the very short time that you were a governor. A lot of experience for the 20-month stint. I don’t know of any governor — even those who’ve had 8+ year term- that can match your record of cleaning house, reform, strategically taking on anyone in the way fearlessly in the spirit of serving the people first, vetoing spending bills purportedly for the people and still coming out with an amazing 80% approval ratings! I don’t need for you to be governor for a few more years in the name of racking up more years experience — it’s enough that I know you possess strong principles, integrity, and brilliance that will guide you wherever you serve. Washington needs you NOW!

  46. Are dems just now realizing they nominated an empty suit? O(zero)bama gives a great speech, but has record of accomplishing nothing, nada, zip, zero, bupkis!
    Barrack’s intellectual inferiority was punctuated when he failed to put Hillary on the ticket, which would have GUARANTEED a win in November. Instead, “the chosen one” picked a narcissistic egomaniac and splintered the female vote. The sexist attacks from the left are only enhancing that division.
    To those on the left… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to conduct yourselves the way you have in the past week. We appreciate the support you’re sending our way.

  47. Sarah Palin suffered vicious rumors and attacks from the bloggers. I actually felt sorry for her and wanted her to rise above. Obama stood up and defended her. But look how she did him! She has no class and poor character. All she did was give us the same, morally elitist, snarky, divisive attacks that have defined the last 8 years. She’s no maverick. She’s the Madison Avenue Candidate. The same old brand in a shiny new package. Sarah Palin didn’t just build the Bridge to Nowhere, Sarah Palin IS the Bridge to Nowhere.

  48. We just witnessed the first woman Vice President of the United States last night folks…….

  49. Dan Quayle with a vagina

  50. Real classy MarkD…You think that one up all by yourself?

  51. Never in my lifetime have I seen a politician give back pork.
    Never in my lifetime have I seen a politician give up the perks she has.
    Never have I seen a person fight corruption in her own party as she has.
    I may not agree with her on all the issues, but I believe she is a person of the highest integrity and she will fight for us.
    Now that I found out that Barack got everyone kicked off the primary ballot in 1996 (including his mentor, Alice Palmer), I’m voting for McCain/Palin.

  52. Liberal democrats are making new lows with their mean spirted hate mongering. Liberals are the nastiest people commentors.
    Is it the liberal philosopy that makes them mean spirted or is it being led around by the nose?

  53. Dear Clintonsupporter,
    In Chicago, it’s customary for crime bosses to send flowers to the funerals of those they’ve had off’d. Obama is playing the choir boy while his henchmen rough up the big-mouth broad.
    Are you that naive???

  54. Palin’s speech was more interesting because SHE is intriguing- we’ve seen so little of her, she’s been battered by the (liberal) media the past several days. Biden and Obama are just so overdone.

  55. Obama passed sweeping ethics reform? It takes at least 51 senators to pass legislation. So at least 51 Senators can make the same claim as Obama that they passed sweeping ethics reform. That is his great record? Certainly, this must be some kind of joke.
    I agree with Jack
    Never in my lifetime have I seen a politician give back pork.
    Never in my lifetime have I seen a politician give up the perks she has.
    Never have I seen a person fight corruption in her own party as she has.
    Now that is an ethics reform record. And it takes executive decisions.

  56. Look at the so-called “independents”, and the “Republican woman”, who’ve attacked the speech. Snide remarks? The Dems didn’t make those? Grow up, its a political convention…
    And I’m sure these independents are much like the “independent” who was part of the Detroit Free Press’ focus group…the one who wasn’t independent at all but a Code Pink member.

  57. as much as i loved the speech and as much as i plan to vote for Mccain and Palin the information given is WRONG….obama had over 38 mill people watching and thanks to the false information you printed i was made of fool of when arguing your false information

  58. You can almost “smell” their fear……I hear libs are stocking up on the Depends!

  59. I can’t stand Obama because he’s fake, a fraud, and an immoral campaigner.
    I like McCain and I have a great appreciation for Gov. Palin after her speech.
    I’m a liberal democrat who fits the mold of a typical BO supporter: under 30, educated, world-traveler, multi-lingual, etc. but I will be voting McCain in Nov.
    My first choice? Hillary Clinton.

  60. Sarah Palin has changed forever the lefty feminist paradigm of angry whinning entitled anti-family hags that has damaged our culture for decades. Finally a young woman that with respect for her family and community just went out and go the job done. She made it on her own without demanding entitlements.
    Poor Hillary and her syncophants like semi-literate Clintonsupporter posting here have no future anymore. They can cling to their ridiculous victim agendas and anti-family dogmas as they fade into oblivion. They won’t be missed.

  61. Mason: As a speech professor you should know a good one. Please check your curriculum and inform us of what ‘good’ speeches you teach and refer your students to.
    Bet there’s nary a Republican example in your ‘professorial’ expertise.

  62. Too bad that as a Canadian, I can’t vote for the next two leaders of the free world – McCain and Palin. Last night, 35 Million people watched and heard a Star being born. Palin is the political equivalent of the Beatles. I dread the thought of the Oval Office being turned over to Obama. He is a silver-tongued lightweight who would weaken America and leave a legacy of chaos in the free world. Russia is emerging as the threat of the next decade and Putin has got to be matched with a US President with strength, character and resolve, none of which describe the Democratic nominee. No wonder he was endorsed by Bin Laden.

  63. An AMAZING and TERRIFIC speech from Palin last night. My check to the GOP ticket is on its way!
    Palin Power!

  64. Stopped reading comments five in because they were obviously biased in favor of Palin. I found nothing in Palin’s speech that was pertinent to why she would get my vote. The entire speech was nothing more than a tiresome game of the ‘dozens’ [look it up]. Her digs at Obama were infantile and based on lies. Also, not only did she insult his actual record, which her speech writer obviously chose to ignore, she insulted millions of Americans who work as advocates for their communities by demeaning what they do. This speech was nothing more than the bitterness Republicans feel at having screwed up the country and not wanting to admit it. Can you say “projecting”? You’d think from that speech that these people actually had a reason to have beef. What could they possibly be so angry about? Ri-damn-diculous.

  65. You’re being too modest NUNYA. You obviously need no help in making a fool of yourself.

  66. It is going to be really fun from here on out. The dems do not know how to handle this. The dems will only get dirtier and uglier (yeah, like that possible). Palin displays all that is right with America, what a refreshing thing after watching last week’s “america sucks” convention.
    It is great to see the #2 on the ticket invoke enthusiasm like this. Joe Biden is STILL the same tired worn out guy he was when he was drummed out of the Pres race for plagiarism.
    It is fun to watch all of the pundits who don’t know what to do about this talented and strong woman.
    The dems just took a swift kick in the jimmy!
    Like Nelson from the Simpson’s would say ..”HA HA!”

  67. The Palins are looking for adoptive parents to take their pregnant daughter’s child.
    It’s only 50 bucks, & they’ll throw in a free pair of Levi’s genes.
    Seriously though, there was nothing in that pathetic speech but weak attacks that we’ve all heard a million times before. Sorry Ms.Palin, but you’ll have much more time to spend with your family after you’re sent packing back to your day job as governor of Alaska this November.

  68. Hey Milton,
    You say PAUL is the only hope for the GOP? Guess what? Palin has made it clear she likes him too. You see, Republicans from places like Alaska have more Libertarian blood in them. It just comes with knowing that Washington can’t be trusted to bail you and your state out of trouble when you need them. You want to see Paul’s legacy mean anything, or you just want to continue to look like you live in your mother’s basement?
    Some advice Milt…
    Pull out those crayons and change the lettering on a few of those freeway bedsheets to “PALIN rEvolution.” It’s got a good ring to it, huh.

  69. Kiwi,
    You state “…she insulted millions of Americans who work as advocates for their communities by demeaning what they do.”
    Apparently you fail to recognize that this was in direct response to Obama and many in the media belittling and demeaning her experience as a mayor of a small town. What was the first statement that came out from the Obama campaign after Palin was announced as McCain’s running mate? Oh yeah, that basically she was just a mayor of some tiny podunk town of 9,000 and not worthy of the position. Sorry to break it to you, but there are exponentially more people in small towns who were offended by that sentiment than community organizers offended by Palin’s rebuttal.
    It seems that Obama and his sheep can dish it out but can’t take it.

  70. Sara Palin’s Speech: The Good & Bad From a Business Person Perspective.
    Good: Coachable, very well read, brilliantly scripted, I’d say she did a fantastic job of
    Rallying the Republican Crowd up. Personal touch, I loved the feisty hockey
    Moms analogy, a lot of women can relate to that, I can relate to her. Adorable kids.
    No doubt she’s a great mom. Agrees with a lot of what the Obama/Biden
    team said about Washington.
    Bad: Confrontational, offers sarcasm instead of solutions. Makes it clear,She’s not an approachable person, might not be a team player in any corporation.Works better as an individual if placed in the job pool. Perfect for running a State like Alaska, not a large nation. Shows good Administrative skills. I say let her get more
    seasoned, build up her skills in the Senate and a few short years from now – I’d vote her
    for a higher position. For now, Not Executive material.
    This is a job bid, two teams come to me to offer their services and goods, what would one look at.
    Team One: Is Innovative, amiable, fresh, get’s me fired up, inspired and motivated. Shows me possibilities and positive change. Lays out clearly their game plan, instead of harping about their competitors. Uses visualation sales method. Shows youthfulnessand Maturity. Has Diverse appeal, more Diplomatic and Negotiable. An Open club. “We are all in this together” approach, e.g. everyone is an American, strenth as a whole.
    Plays on Leadership material.(e.g. JFK, Ronald Reagan, FDR, MLK)
    Team Two: Confrontational, Rebel, not open to negotiations “my way or the highway” approach.
    offers me sarcasm instead of solutions. Vague.Can relate closer to the seniors and retirement pool but is out of touch with many. Uses fear-of-loss sales method. Is defensive or hostile. “Us v.s. Them” approach, e.g. the liberal media, 9/11. Has more Traditional appeal, not much diversity, more Steadfast and Indignant. An Exclusive Club. Plays on sympathies like (e.g. sexism or P.O.W. our troops, or persecution) Victim material.
    I’d hire the Obama and Biden Team.

  71. I like how the conservative right throw out facts that they know are wrong, or maybe they are delusional enough to believe the untruth that they speak, either way they are consistently wrong. JOHN, had the gall to misrepresent the truth when he stated that republicans were the first party to nominate a woman as secretary of state. Dude, you are on the internet, how lazy can you be? Look up some facts for a change. There has only been two women secretary of states, C. Rice and M. Albright, with the latter serving before the former. This is a prime example of how the “conservatives” conduct themselves, never researching facts, or issues for that matter, with any kind of regard for the truth.
    Palin’s performance last night was strong, so far as it was read well. The problem lies in the fact that Americans, I would hope, are smart enough to understand that what they saw last night was nothing different from the republicans. Same tired tactics, hoping for the same results. The problem for the republicans this time around is that Obama has woken up the electorate and people are starting to discuss the issues in a manner that would suggest that they are beginning to understand how the wrong pick the last two elections has caused them gravely. And with McCain embracing a conservative platform, along with running mate, he has signaled to the American people that the policies of the present administration are the exact same policies that he will pursue. It is quite simple, look up what the word conservative means in the dictionary and you will see that at the essence of the definition is the fact that “conservatives” are adverse to change.
    So maybe McCain was a Maverick in 2000 and 2004, but that McCain is long gone, and the new candidate McCain is promising to continue policies that are not in the best interest of 97% of Americans, and the world for that matter.

  72. It was an amazing speech written and crafted by Matt Schully who has Palin hidden for days so she could practice the delivery of the Republican message to the undecided fools who could not figured out it was laced with LIES. The debates will do her in. What kind of VP nominee hides from the public? One that is in a crash course of AMERICAN HISTORY X
    Power and Greed is all these people think about. She mock the heart of what moves the everday working man and woman in America… the community.

  73. Those who have seen or will see her speech should keep in mind that, with all the clapping, something went wrong with the teleprompter about halfway through, so it was running far ahead of what she was saying.
    As a result, she was giving much of that speech from memory, and doing an excellent job of that. (As some have noted, she is unflappable in a crisis.) That’s also why the speech as delivered is a bit different from the official text. Gov. Pallin is not dullard, as the Obama campaign has claimed, simply reading a speech written by others.
    –Michael W. Perry, Chesterton on War and Peace

  74. Classification and Section Paragraph / Essay. Division copes with just one theme. The topic divides to bits, its constituent elements to get examination. … One more instance is that a paragraph or an article that’s broken up into introduction, body and judgment. https://emorywheel.com/the-impact-of-sports-sections-on-college/

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