Palin Pushes Up ‘Hannity’ Ratings

Sep 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

After jump starting ratings for “ABC World News” last week, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made the rounds to Fox News’ “Hannity and Colmes” on Wednesday, pushing the talk show to its second-highest total viewership in 2008.
Part one of Sean Hannity’s interview with Gov. Palin brought in 4.9 million viewers, second only to the show’s coverage of Gov. Palin’s speech during the Republican National Convention earlier in the month, according to Nielsen Media Research.
The show also did well in its key demographic, adults 25-54, with 1.4 million viewers, its third-highest number in the demo in 2008.
“Hannity and Colmes” more than doubled MSNBC’s 9 p.m. competitor, Rachel Maddow, and tripled CNN’s “Larry King Live” in total viewers.
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  1. I have deleted CNN from my televsions. Anyone can do it, simply access channel memory on your set/set top box/cable box.

    This way you never view CNN.

    Only way that CNN will attempt journalism once again, is to destroy and rebuild

    Any FOX haters, do the same thing.

    Money is speech, no money none or your spin speech.

    Ratings these days are determined by actual viewing.

  2. Agreed. CNN and MSNBC have no clue what journalism is.

  3. We’ve gone back to the pre-network days when there were dozens of newspapers — each served a different audience and gave them the news in a way that fit their views. The trend had been building for years, but Fox took it to a new level, and forced others to follow to that level. Inconvenient facts are ignored or belittled, and the truth is muddied into something that group can believe in. Roger Ailes has done more to change the news business than anyone in decades.

  4. CNN will no doubt be devasted by your loss!

  5. Yes congrats to Roger Ailes in forcing other Networks to be exposed for the partisans they are. No one delivers the news anymore. Fox is the closest thing. I love the haters. The more they hate Fox the higher the ratings. And for those haters who respond to this, have you noticed how much good coverage O’Reilly is giving Obama? There is a reason his kicks everyones butt by 4 to 10 to 1. Considering there are more Democrats than Republicans it is hard to say he is a Republican. He is a true Independant. Again, Kudos to Ailes. The National ‘Bama Channel (NBC) and C Bama S (CBS) and Clearly Not News (CNN) networks are done!

  6. the other commenters make my point perfectly… they’ve listened to what Rush and Roger tell them is “true”, and don’t have to think for themselves. They can happily exercise their license to hate.

  7. Anyone who thinks that people who watch FOX news are haters and can’t think for themselves are total morons. EVERYONE who watches the news is influenced by what they see in some way or another…regardless of whether that channel is CNN, NBC or FOX. That is the whole purpose of watching and reading the news…To be better informed. NEWSTHATFITSYOURVIEWS: Are you trying to imply that YOUR post and current views have NOT been influenced by an outside source? Sounds to me like you’ve been taken over by NBC or perhaps even moveon.org.

  8. I watched CNN for awhile during the RNC (Its the only news channel I get in HD) and found myself gagging with its 5 liberal commentators at the “round table”. What a tragedy it is that people watch that channel and think they’re getting news.

  9. Interesting review and i have to agree mostly.

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  12. Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day 🙂

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