Podcast: ‘Entourage’s’ Doug Ellin on Improvisation

Sep 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

TelevisionWeek’s Backlot Talk is back with its first effort of the fall season. As he did last season, Doug Ellin, the creator, showrunner and principal writer of “Entourage,” will share his insights about each episode of the series. Last Sunday was the premiere episode of season five, and we recently caught up with Mr. Ellin to talk about it. [Spoiler alert: Details about premiere episode follow.]
Near the beginning of the episode, movie critic Richard Roeper is seen on a television, giving a scathing review of “Medellin,” the fictional movie starring “Entourage” star Vince Chase (Adrien Grenier). Last season ended with the hostile reaction to the premiere of “Medellin” at the Cannes Film Festival.
In today’s Backlot Talk, Mr. Ellin said that the vast majority of the show, on a weekly basis, is scripted and that he doesn’t usually like the actors to go off script and improvise. And, in fact, he had scripted Mr. Roeper’s part. But Mr. Roeper asked if he could go off script and do it the way he would give a scathing review on his real show. Mr Ellin said he told Mr. Roeper to try it, thinking what Mr. Roeper would come up with wouldn’t be as good as what Mr. Ellin had written. But, lo and behold, he loved what Mr. Roeper did.
Mr. Ellin also talks about how he originally hooked up with the show’s executive producer, Mark Wahlberg, and the importance of the show’s ensemble cast.
To listen to the full interview, go to TVWeek.com’s Backlot Talk to listen to the full podcast.

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