QuickTakes: How Do You Think the Early DTV Transition Went in Wilmington, N.C.?

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How do you think the early DTV transition went in Wilmington, N.C.?
“It gives us insight into what to expect and sends us a clear signal that, in our larger markets, we should anticipate a significant number of people seeking help, even if it has nothing to do with us in a direct way, such as confusion about the technology they have in their homes. Outside of that, it was a success and the greater population seems to have understood what was going on and was prepared. You still have markets that are very large and TV stations who don’t have 100 people sitting around waiting to answer the phone to answer technical questions. … It appears people are turning to the stations for answers because those are the people who are available to them. That does concern me: We’re likely in the large markets to get, frankly, even though it’s a small percentage, a large number of people who are going to have a wide variety of questions. How do we prepare ourselves for that? How can you not be asking yourself that question?”
—Bruce Baker, executive VP, Cox Television

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