Republican Convention Draws 21.5 Mil Viewers on Six Networks

Sep 3, 2008  •  Post A Comment

An estimated 21.5 million people watched the second night of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn. on six television networks, according to preliminary local data from Nielsen Media Research.
That measurement—which includes ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC—is down from the nearly 26 million people who watched New York Sen. Hillary Clinton urge unity for the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on night two of the Democrat’s gathering last week in Denver. That 26 million figure took into account two additional networks, TV One and BET, which are not covering the Republican event.
The 21.5 million also represents a drop from the 22.2 million watching the Republicans’ event four years ago on Aug. 31.
The Democrats were covered by last week by three broadcast networks, three cable news networks and BET and TV One. Neither of the latter two networks are carrying the Republican proceedings this week.
Even PBS coverage played to a smaller audience Tuesday night than it did a week ago (or four years ago). The 10 p.m.-11 p.m. hour from the convention in St. Paul averaged a 1.4 household rating/2 share according to data from 52 metered markets in Nielsen’s overnights sample.
That’s down from a 2.0 rating/3 share last Tuesday and down from a 1.9 rating/3 share in 2004.
Because of Nielsen’s post-Labor Day holiday schedule, final national data for the cable news networks that are covering the convention are not expected to be made available until Thursday morning.
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  1. In response to David Bauder’s AP piece,
    “As has been the case throughout the campaign, Republicans are proving less of a television draw than Democrats. An estimated 21.5 million people watched the second night of the GOP convention on Tuesday between 10 and 11 p.m. The same night for the Democrats last week had just under 26 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.”
    Perhaps it’s because the approximately 3 million Republican viewers have to work and are unable to watch night-time television.

  2. No Lame Mike, Everyone’s tried of the same old boy rhetoric mess uh message and McCain and Palin just don’t get it. Karl Rove tactics are out of style and the economy is in a mess. Democrat make money Republican take money, they make war so they can sell their products at the expense of everyday Americans and they hurts the middle class and everyday Americans who makes this country works and that the bottom line.

  3. I guess you didn’t catch Sarah last night. 🙂 She has my vote. Period.

  4. https://www.tvweek.com/news/2008/09/palins_speech_powers_highest_0.php
    your other article had a different spin…is this like a Florida recount?

  5. Ladydelia – what doesn’t McCain & Palin get? Can you be specefic or just narrative? History Lesson – the United Nations are a bunch of turncoats, they give Sadam two strikes to stop killing his own people and stop producing and housing massive amounts of materials to create bombs…USA decided enough is enough. We also decided that Hitler was crazy and enough was enough. Do you honestly believe the Republicans are starting wars to push an agenda? Come on, enough of peace love and happiness (mind you all are good things) but leadership takes some guts and not a bunch of nicely crafted speeches. Your absolutely 100% correct…many a middle class, small town, hard working Americans make this county go…if I’m not mistaken, Palin referred to this and got it right.

  6. Palin is a republican whore. Anything for a buck and anything for attention.

  7. Palin was chosen as a Hillary stand-in (bait and switch). I’m insulted that she was chosen to get my vote (woman). He waited to make sure Obama didn’t chose Hill. Hillary is the best and I believe it should have been a Clinton/Obama ticket. (alphabetical – either as President is better than McBush)If McLain dies do we really want her as president? No more abortions, no sex ed, more war, more economic fallout, and more of the good old boy – hire a woman to appease the women mentality.

  8. The posts from the liberals, especially LadyDelia and texasproud, show a remarkable tendency to ascribe monarchical powers to the President. But, in their defense, being the consummate victims they seem to be, likely their vision is clouded from the tears of victimhood. Fortunately, we have a proud, strong woman, Gov. Palin, available to stand up and say she isn’t a victim, she’s a pit bull and she is ready to kick arse and take names and assign blame if she has to. Refreshing.

  9. Remember, the Republicans are not allowed on four cable channels, and the Democrats are. The Republicans DID beat the Democrats in television ratings.

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