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Bright House Networks, one of two companies being honored Wednesday at the Walter Kaitz Foundation Dinner, serves more than 2 million subscribers in and around Tampa Bay and central Florida, Indianapolis, Birmingham, Ala., Bakersfield, Calif., and Detroit, along with several smaller systems in Alabama and the Florida panhandle. The Diversity Champion Award recognizes the strides the cable company has made in diversity.
At the center of Bright House Networks’ diversity commitment is the pursuit of an essential goal: Reflect within the organization the diverse characteristics of the markets it serves.
Robert Miron, chairman of Bright House parent Advance/Newhouse Communications, said of the award, “We’re really pleased and excited to be recognized by an organization like that. We’ve been part of Kaitz for years and it feels good.”
The Kaitz Foundation was impressed with many aspects of Bright House’s efforts in recruiting and retention, corporate philanthropy, community involvement and education.
“When I look at what we do, I think we were recognized for a few things. We’ve worked hard at hiring a diverse workforce with some good leadership,” Mr. Miron said. “Our people believe in the importance of it. We serve diverse communities and therefore we need diverse leadership to talk to them. Our involvement in the communities with minority organizations plays a role in how we think and what our company does.”
Another way in which Bright House Networks advocates diversity is on-air in its original programming. For instance, Bright House has developed a three-minute weekly public affairs segment, “Connext,” that spotlights regional issues, fosters relationships with local government and business leaders and provides information of interest to the Hispanic community.
In addition, Mr. Miron said, “We’ve established [two] Espanol [24-hour[ news channels in Tampa and central Florida; those are examples of why Kaitz recognized us.”
On the education front, Bright House created Cable in the Classroom. “We look to be part of the fabric of the community,” Mr. Miron said. “Several years ago, during the hurricane, we did a lot from a charitable standpoint and from just providing service and doing things for our community. We do a lot with different groups, like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida.”
Diversity at Bright House is found in front of and behind the camera, and is considered an integral part of the company’s identity. “We are definitely self-motivated—we’re under no order to do so, but it’s good business. We serve the community and to be thought of as a good citizen is important,” Mr. Miron said.
“[Whether] it’s in front of the camera or it’s behind the camera, we try to put diversity to work in a way which brings respect to our employees and our company,” he said.


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