TVB Sees Local Station Ad Sales Off in 2009, Up in 2010

Sep 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Television Bureau of Advertising released a forecast on Thursday predicting local station ad sales will drop between 2% and 5% next year.
In 2010, the TVB said, station ad sales will rise between 6% and 10%.
The television station group began issuing two-year forecasts in 2000 because of the effect of the Olympics and elections on the advertising market.
“Odd years will always face tough comparisons to even years, when spending on both the Olympics and political ads show up. Spot TV is a two-year business cycle,” said TVB President Chris Rohrs.
The television market for 2009-10 will be shaped by consumer confidence and spending, energy and food prices, debt and credit problems, the real estate market and the identity of the new political leadership elected in November, the group said.
The TVB also forecast a big 25% to 35% increase in station Web site revenues in 2009, while wireless revenue should climb 25% to 50%. Both Web and wireless income represent a small share of total station revenue.


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