Comcast Reaches HD Milestone

Oct 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Comcast, continuing its push toward offering more high-definition program by year’s end, is celebrating its milestone of more than 1,000 HD options for its subscribers.
Touting “more than 1,000 high-definition viewing choices,” Comcast is on track with its Project Infinity, announced during 2008’s Consumer Electronics Show as an initiative geared toward offering more linear and on-demand HD programming.
“Consumers can’t get enough HD, so we’re now offering over a thousand HD choices, five times more than last year. However, it’s not just about HD volume, but about having the highest-quality content consumers really want, whether they want to watch live or on their schedule,” Derek Harrar, Comcast’s GM and senior VP of video services, said in a statement.
Comcast’s HD lineup includes more than 200 movies, live sporting events through several outlets including ESPN and TBS and nearly 300 television series, in both linear and on-demand formats.


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