Cox Adds Wireless Service

Oct 27, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Cox Communications plans to add wireless to its bundle of entertainment and communications services in 2009.
The wireless service, which will join Cox’s digital cable, high-speed Internet and telephone offerings, will allow customers to view television shows, access content saved on their computer and program their DVR all from their mobile phone.
Cox has been acquiring wireless spectrum in FCC auctions and will use the Nationwide Spring Network to enter the market while building its own 3G wireless network for additional market launches in 2009. Cox will also test 4G technology using LTE (long-term evolution).
“We’ve already invested more than $500 million to acquire wireless spectrum and to develop the infrastructure and human resources needed to architect our own advanced wireless service,” Pat Esser, president of Cox Communications, said in a statement. “Our commitment is firm, and the wireless services we deliver will further the Cox experience. As consumers are increasingly adopting a mobile lifestyle, we will continue to deliver in ways that are uniquely Cox—offering the first truly integrated bundle that is easy to use, reliable and supported by the best customer service available.”
Cox was the first company to introduce a voice, video and data bundle into the marketplace, in 1997.


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