Obama to Appear on Wednesday ‘Daily Show’

Oct 28, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Less than a week before Election Day, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama plans to appear on Comedy Central’s fake newscast “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” Wednesday, the network said today.
Mr. Obama will appear via satellite from Florida, where he will be campaigning.
Comedy Central’s “Indecision 2008” coverage of the presidential elections has been generating big ratings for the channel. “The Daily Show” recently set a monthly viewership record in October, averaging 2.1 million total viewers. The network’s “The Colbert Report” has also been posting strong ratings.
Mr. Obama previously appeared on “The Daily Show” on April 21, just before the Pennsylvania primary. He also appeared with Mr. Stewart on Aug. 22, 2007, and Nov. 7, 2005.
The candidate’s wife, Michelle Obama, drew a record 2.9 million viewers when she appeared on “The Daily Show” Oct. 8.


  1. Another opportunity for Obama to be smothered with kisses by the liberal left. How is this news? It would only be news if he were going to appear on 1280 AM with Michael or Dennis Prager — two educated conservatives who find him to be a frightening prospect for America’s future.

  2. Donna: Shut up

  3. Donna, you can watch Fox & Friends for laughs. I know we do.
    If anything is frightening, it is the utter ignorance of these people who are frightened by Obama. Bush is the most frightening president we’ve ever had. CHANGE is coming.

  4. Donna: Anytime a presidential candidate is on “The Daily Show” it’s news. Don’t weep for McCain– at one time a popular guest on TDS… the Daily Show didn’t leave him, he left The Daily Show with his bizarre and regrettable turn to the extreme right.

  5. Donna,
    What’s really frightening is that the only people conservatives consider truly educated or with an opinion worth considering are other conservatives.
    In the past eight years your clan has succeded in making the U.S. a laughing stock of the world, had thousands of our soldiers killed in a war that wasn’t necessary, abused their power while tromping over the civil rights of our citizens and completely ruined the economy.
    If you’re that worried Obama can do any more harm then Bush maybe you should move to another country.

  6. Donna, you’ve missed the point, probably because you’re still listening to AM Radio. No wonder the Republicans are going to lose the White House this year…

  7. The labels like liberal and conservative don’t even mean anything rational anymore — especially when having conservatives in the White House and running the Congress for 12 years got us the biggest deficit in the history of the nation.
    Only common sense, discretion and the ability to pick and delegate to solid, trustworthy administrative and military team leaders matters.
    McCain & Co. are really short on all those areas. Obama and his team are much more trustworthy.
    If true fiscal conservatives with appropriate social compassion and ability to relate to a multicultural world formed a 3rd party out of the current GOP stench, I’d support.
    McCain should’ve broken away and done this back in 2000 when the GOP screwed him over then. After years of tax cuts, you’d think they’d do the math and know this isn’t the way for the moment.

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