Politics Propel ‘View’ to Most Watched Week Ever

Oct 30, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“The View” rode its wave of heated political discussions and other “Hot Topics” to its most-watched week ever.
The 12-year-old ABC daytime hit averaged 4.24 million total viewers for the week of Oct. 20-24, according to data from Nielsen Media Research.
Among women 18 to 49 years old, “The View” averaged 967,000 viewers, the best showing in the demo since the week of Jan. 28, 2008.
The two biggest audiences of the record-setting week were Monday’s “Day of Hot Topics,” seen by 4.43 million viewers, and Wednesday, when 4.41 million viewers tuned in to see Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly, as usual, set sparks flying. Both shows rank among “The View’s” 10 most-watched shows ever.
Season-to-date, “The View’s” total viewership is up 12% year-to-year.


  1. Would be a much better show without arrogant Hasselbeck.

  2. Hasselback is like a dog straining on a leash. She is the real pit bull wearing lipstick. Hasselbeck must go!

  3. There has got to be a republican with more intelligence than e.h. Whoppie, Joy & Sherrie are great esp. Joy. I use the mute button when e.h is on

  4. I disagree with almost all of Elisabeth’s views, but I like hearing her dissenting opinions, and even watching the development of Sherri’s brain as the season progresses. They make good entertainment and therefore, good tv

  5. I had high hopes that Barbra was tired of Elisabeth’s shrill robotic mutterings that are the talking points straight from the campaign trail. I actually thought that given how often Barbra tried to lead her to moderate her speech and at least seem intelligible that Barbra felt it was time for Elisabeth to go.
    Not so fast. Very much to my chagrin, Barbra complimented Elisabeth, told her she was proud of her – especially for what she has done for the program. Now I see…it’s the ratings stupid.
    But I really wish she would go away.

  6. People are watching in hopes that Elizabeth pea brain would explode and national TV and then we would be rid of her stupid attacks. I don’t know why ABC/THE VIEW won’t get rid of her, on every blog site or message board I am on, she is the most hated.

  7. I think the show would be better with a conservative and/or independent on intellectual par with Whoopi and Joy. Elisabeth is closed-minded and “stuck on stupid”! I would like to see a smart Latina and an Asian to balance Joy and Whoopi. Sherrie and Elisabeth don’t measure up.–LPF

  8. I’ve pretty much stopped watching because of Hasselbeck. I’d like to see a Republican panelist who is able to actually debate-not just continually try to outshout the other panelists.

  9. Havent you noticed how the republicans constantly react only in one – shout over the others. They are too closed minded. Sorry. I’d like Hassleback leave as well. A sensible, intelligent & grounded conservative would be welcome.

  10. I watched the show from day one and had it set on my TIVO, but this year I took it off my progaming. I believe you have the right ot your own opinion, just not your own facts. E.H. speaks in talking points, not facts and will blindly agree with anything her party sets forth. If Hillary Clinton did half the stuff that Sarah Palin did E.H. would have been all over her. I hate people that talk out of both sides of their mouth!

  11. I just re-programmed my DVR to NOT record The View anymore–sick of E. Hasselback. She should move to Fox where the she belongs.

  12. I could maybe respect Hasselbeck if she had any original ideas to bring tot he table. She is merely a voice box for prescribed Republican talking points, none of it seems to be from her own analysis of the issues, she just parrots the same lines used by every Republican operative and pundit on every media outlet on that given day. If I though for one moment that these were her authentic conclusions based on her own examination of issues and policy I would be fine with her.

  13. I’m voting for Obama, but I do watch Fox to see what they have to say. All anyone has to do to figure out what Elisabeth will say the next morning, is watch Sean Hannity the night before. It’s almost verbatim! I like having a Republican on The View just to hear the opinions of those on the “dark” side. But good God, at least have a Republican that has a brain and can express her own thoughts on the issues – not just reiterate Hannity’s talking points

  14. My favorite moments are those where Joy, Whoppi and Sherri (to a lesser extent) put Elisabeth in her place. Joy was right on when she pleaded to Elisabeth “Stop watching FOX!” and “You’re getting all your talking points from Sean Hannity!” If you want to know what FOX said on Tuesday, just watch EH on The View on Wednesday. Same old rehashing. THe most irritating moments on the show are when Elisabeth spews lie after hateful lie without being called on it. I also hate how she says all this and is still “loved” by her castmates. E.H. totally dissed on Michelle Obama and when Larry King asked Joy her thoughts, Joy said “Isn’t she cute”.

  15. The View needs someone to counterpart the issues. However EH is so far right that she is no longer focusing on the issues but just on the win…Her and Sean “Hate” Hannity are cut from the same cloth. EH was a game show contestant for goodness sake….she needs to ride the bench just like her has been hubby. When you see her, Joy and Whoopie arguing, you can tell the feelings are real and they aren’t all lovey dovey like they claim. BW seems to praise EH but u can tell her patience is running out with EH’s immature and unfounded rants. Can’t wait to see the smug look on her face come Tuesday. O’Bama/Biden ’08

  16. I totally agree with Mom4Obama – E.H mutters exactly Hanity’s dark views… the girls often allow her to shout over them and change the topic. Please replace her with an intelligent republican female, there are few of them out there.

  17. I agree I can’t believe EH is still on the View.
    It would be good to hear the other side from someone who has a brain which apparently EH does not. I was really hoping the rumors were true that she was going to Fox News.

  18. I too think that Hasselbeck is irritating, at times totally irrational and often stupid. I often wonder what kind of a country gives air time (and actually pays them) to rattle off idiotic ideas and opinions. We all have the right to our opinions but why does the media give a platform to such a misinformed bubblebrain???? I enjoy hearing a thoughtful discussion or even a speech by someone who is intelligent and informed on the issues; even if my opinion is 180 degrees different from him/her. I think the same mentality that keeps someone like Hasselbeck on the air, is the same mentality that can make a “middle class” hero out of a joke like Joe the Plumber.

  19. Couldn’t agree with MomforObama more! Very well said. For Heaven’s sake, there are thousnads of smart, charming, telegenic — and yes, reasonable — conservative women. Get one of them. We do need two viable parties in this country and having one of them represented by Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin makes the it seem really ignorant, racist, and most of all
    That’s your cue EH, someone called you out: burst into tears!

  20. Why can’t they find a young Peggy Noonan? Granted, I may like her because she likes Obama 😉 but it just shows that she thinks for herself. There are other women that worked under Bush Sr., journalists, thinkers, etc… Elizabeth was brought on to appeal to the younger, ‘mommy’ set – and she’s becoming a Republican mouthpiece instead, who must resort to tears when she feels she’s losing an argument.

  21. I say ditch Hasselbeck and bring on Kathleen Parker – a conservative who isn’t afraid to have her own thoughts and speak them with her own voice.
    On the other hand … EH is the devil you know. Can you imagine if they ditched her and brought someone like Michelle Malkin to the table? I’d stop watching …

  22. My devious mind hints that maybe Barbara Walters has an ulterior motive in heeping EH on. What a way to focus on the ridiculousness of the right wing. One look at EH and you want to quickly disasociate yourself from what she stands for.

  23. I agree with all the static about E.H. She doesn’t have a thought of her own. She is like a wind up barbie doll. I too no longer watch the view because of her. She just sounds so stupid and I can’t stand stupid!!! Elizabeth just repeats what she hears on Fox news which isn’t fair and balanced!!! Hey Eliz. go to fox news so I can watch the view again.

  24. I’d actually watch this show more if it wasn’t for EH. I get that diverse opinions are needed, but at the very least, know what you are talking about and don’t just repeat the garbage you hear on FOX news or the ridiculous ads being aired by the RNC.

  25. she is a bitch

  26. Oh good lord, this means they won’t be getting rid of Elizabeth pea-brain Hasselbeck anytime soon. I just can’t bring myself to watch the show anymore because her moronic presence is so off-putting I can’t stomach it. I’ve seen the clips online of her recent “insights” into the election and I have to say I’m glad I haven’t been watching. I’ll come back as a viewer again if they dump her so she can take up her rightful place on Fox. I predict their ratings would go up even more if they got rid of her and replaced her with a conservative with brains. They’d win back a lot of viewers like me.

  27. Hasselbeck obviously has a disorder not yet named. I fear for her mental health as she rants and raves and says absolutely nothing. Now [or was, don’t keep track] on the campaign with Palin and has Palin speaking on her clothing, etc., that her handlers are saying they didn’t tell her to speak on – Hasselbeck and Plumber Joe are much alike – speak because you have a mouth.

  28. Yes, Elizabeth does a fine job showing just how stupid the intensely conservative right is. Sorry to say, but ‘Brainwashed’ comes to mind when someone has no personal concepts to share. Haven’t watched the View ever since she joined. Too vapid for me.

  29. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a far right viewpoint on The View, nor do I think E. Hasselbeck a bitch simply because she has said viewpoint.
    Having said that, my biggest problem with her is that she’s a hypocritical crybaby who attempts to martyr herself simply because her co-hosts don’t share her worldview.
    If you’ve got enough balls to unequivocally state your views, then don’t cry like a baby when someone states an opposite view (like she has been known to do). Don’t act like you’re being persecuted by everyone else, when in fact, it’s you who is completely intolerant of any view not matching your own (like she does almost daily). Don’t shout down, or talk over an opposing opinion and then cry about how mean people are to you when they treat you the same way.

  30. I too am on the bandwagon ti get rid of Elizabeth H. See is too biased, too prejudiced, to rigid, and too stubborn. She always has the most negative point of view and is unwilling to even listen to any thing else. For Sherrie to say she is still undecided is totally stupid

  31. I too stopped watching. I loved the concept of the show, but the current panelists leave me cold. I guess for everyone that they turn off, they pick up two more people that find it interesting.
    Once Obama wins and the culture wars are no longer news I think that audience interest will wane again.

  32. I stopped watching the View because of EH. Used to PVR it when Rosie was on, really love the show, but EH is so ignorant I can’t bring myself to watch! I love a debate – they just need to get a smart young conservative who can speak properly.

  33. YO Mom4Obama – Ditto Joy and the Huffington Post. Brings to mind a BB rolling around in an oil drum.

  34. Elizabeth is not only shrill, she fairly stamps her foot if people don’t agree. She doesn’t realize that people don’t have to agree and that disagreeing is not a person raining on her parade. In other words, she shows the emotions of a child. She lacks adult abilities to reason and articulate the reasons she supports her views. But I don’t think it amounts to reason for Elizabeth, it’s more like a passionate religion of faith for the Republican cause. Then she should be quiet and expect that others do not share her Republican Religion.

  35. No way! Why preach to the choir? EH is a bitbull and even though her views are CUCKOO she brings a good balance to the show.
    We need to hear all sides and this is the #1 reason I recently started watching the show!
    I do not like EH, but I am glad to hear her opinions because there ARE people out there just like her, and its good ti know your enemy!

  36. EH is horrible. BUT, we all have the ability to change the panel (i.e., make them think seriously about kicking EH off). If everyone who doesn’t enjoy EH simply stopped watching – she would be gone in no time!
    I made that decision recently after BW made her comments about loving EH because of the ratings. Once those words came our of BW’s mouth, I removed The View from the PVR and refuse to watch it until they find a more level-headed republican to represent the conservative viewpoint.
    Stop watching and send them an e-mail explaining why!

  37. Barbara will keep Elisabeth, just like she kept Rosie and Star Jones. It’s all about ratings. But after the election, who’s gonna care what Elisabeth has to say? Her time is just about up.

  38. I think the show has become so cheesy. They debate for a minute and then kiss each others A–. How lame. I don’t watch anymore, so not entertaining.

  39. I wish Survivor would take Elisabeth back on their show and then forget her on the island.

  40. EH is annoying sometimes, but you gotta admit she helps make the show what it is. i personally like hearing joy and battle down elizabeths points. not to mention, jus bcus i dont agree with elizabeth at the hot topics table, doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy her in other segments of the show. i think she does a good job, and when i don’t agree with what she says in hot topics, joy is always there to speak my mind

  41. I have been watching to see if they will kick off EH, and since it is obvious that they won’t, am taking it off of my Tivo Season’s Pass schedule.
    I would think that since the producer of the show, Bill Geddy, is a Republican that he would want an intelligent representative on there that might bring others on board.
    EH is a brainwashed fanatical robot with no thoughts of her own. She reads Hannity’s talking points but when pressed for expansion of those ideas, has no depth or understanding.
    She is a lot like Palin; they should both go on Fox together where being programmed to accept propaganda is appreciated.
    I raised my daughter to think independently and intelligently with an open mind. EH makes me shudder.

  42. I have written many times for Barbara to get rid of EH and her obnoxious prattling – when I saw her on the podium with that moron Palin it was like watching the film Network – back then it was inconcieveable that TV would evolve to that – and it has – and now politics has become surreal – get some Republican with a brain on the show….

  43. I, too, have written to BW,to no avail, but we need to keep doing it. Am I the only one convinced Sean Hannity calls EH every morning before the Show and goes over “the” talking points with her? She is absolutely obnoxious and childish. Time to do the rotating auditions again and find a good relacement.

  44. The Has-Been Hasselbecks. It has a nice ring to it. E.H’s husband and his family must be so embarrassed by E’s behavior. I hope their daughter Grace is being taught not to lie and scream and stomp her feet.

  45. We should be afraid of HER and how she “pallies” around with her tunnel vision distorted views. She is much to young to be so tight to one side. We know how she was raised, that’s what is apparent. Her views are racially tinged.

  46. It probably makes no difference but I will NOT be watching the View till there is no Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Sans Palin, her voice is the most annoying I have ever heard and her views are to say the least… idiot!!!! Get rid of her. Join my Boycott and maybe it will happen!!!!

  47. If you watched Elisabeth H. introduce Sarah Palin last week at one of her rallies, you would have seen EH act just like Sarah P. It is like she is in love with her!! Elisabeth tell America the truth about you…who are you?, where is your birth Certificate?, are you paling around with AIP as well?, Are you a Muslim?, Where do you go to Church and who is the preacher there?. We just want the truth just like you demand of Obama! LOL

  48. I find E.H.’s judgement and shrillness way too much to bear. Surely, the view could find another conservative who is not so intolerant and hostile. I quit watching the View a long time ago because of E.H. The rest of the gals Rock! I truly hope that EH is history sooner rather than later. EH also has a very punitive, malicious side to her that is so unappealing. My 83 year old mother, my 29 year old daughter, and many of my friends have stopped watching, and we are Republicans!

  49. The four witches of New York. I haven’t watched that show in months. Who wants to hear four screaming women rant and rave in your living room. If McCain wins (hopefully) I will tune in to hear them have their nervous breakdowns.

  50. It amazes me how many viewers, including myself, that have tuned out the View because of EH. I, too, have written several times to the show letting them know of my dislike for EH, obviously to no avail. What it boils down to are the ratings, and what higher ratings bring are the advertising dollars. BG and BW, please find someone who is conservative, yet able to speak for herself and from her own mind. It is nice to have a panel that has differing opinions and that are able to debate with rational thoughts and ideas, but EH goes too far, is too emotional and acts like a spoiled baby if she doesn’t get her own way. I would hate to see what Grace is like when she doesn’t get her own way…as the saying goes “Like mother, like daughter…” Maybe in this case it is “Like daughter, like mother!” I will come back to the View once EH is gone…..PLEASE SEND HER TO FOX, (another channel I can’t stand)! She will fit in quite nicely there.

  51. Hasselbeck is the reason I refuse to watch The View. Her shrill voice along with verbatim speeches of those from Fox News make me nauseous. I could only hope Fox hires her to co-host Huckabee’s show. Now *that* would be a treat.
    Avoid the drama. Vote Obama! I did.

  52. Actually I am happy EH is on The View because she is a right-wing talking puppet and this is the one show where their crazy talking points are immediately countered. You need to always be vigilant to the ranting and raving of the other side no matter how wrong they really are. By not having her on the show would be like putting your head in the sand. She alone has probably convinced more people to vote for Obama then Whoppie, Joy and Sherrie put together.

  53. e.h. i think she is double dipping and working for the republican party as a surrogate while getting paid to be on the view so incredibly unappealing

  54. Barbara
    I subscribe to Albert Einstein’s theory of ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance can be cured stupidity is forever. After watching the view for a long time, I can most assuredly say E.H. is stupid. I applaud your attempts to prove she is only ignorant by trying to teach her to think and have a semblance manners but alas you have proved Einstein’s point E.H. is forever stupid.
    Ira from Tallahassee

  55. We will all see Elizabeth’s head explode on Nov. 5, that is if she makes it that day. Did you hear her the day when Richard Dryfess was on there? She actually said she would love to work for “Sean Insannity”. After her contract is over, she might have her chance.

  56. Elizabeth Hasselback is the only reason to watch that show. She’s such a dynamic woman. She has to put up with two pitbulls every single day. She should leave the show. She’s better than all of them.
    Whoopie is such a has been and Joy Behar is a absolute idiot. It’s unbelievable she is still on that show. She’s not funny, she’s shrill and she’s stupid. Really Barbara. Can’t you do better than that?

  57. I stopped watching the View about a month ago. It is silly to let EH run her BS through my grey matter. Don’t miss it at all.

  58. Yesterday Sherri said she hadn’t made up her mind yet.
    Joy and the others jumped on her, “You haven’t made up your mind yet? Why? What are you waiting for?”
    Sherry explained how there are still things she wants to know, “Health insurance is very important to me”, “The military is very important to me”, etc.
    Barbara asked her when does she think she’ll decide, as the election is four days away.”
    Elisabeth said, “I’m taking her home with me and keeping her until the election. I’m brainwashing her”.
    I said to my husband, “Yeah, that’s the only way McCain is getting anyone to vote for him. Brainwashing.”

  59. I too, am very irritated by Elisabeths’ rantings. I find that she is rude, and argues a point like it’s a personal attack on her from the other ladies. She seems a lot immature, and her high pitched voice kinda grates on me, I have to be honest. I do not enjoy when she cuts off/interupt Barbara who is the most senior colleague on the panel. One can be passionate but not to the point of thinking your’e so right, that you do not leave room to learn. She talks a lot of jibberish too and try to pass them off as fact. She should really go to Fox News where she’ll be comfortable.

  60. Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the presidential campaign trail? By what right? Are these bimbos (Palin, Elizabeth) the best “candidates” the Grand Old Whiteboys Party can come up with? Then they don’t have a viable presidential bid in 2012. When Whoopi and Joy talk about politics, the audience gets it: that they read, think, and come up with their own ideas. Hasselbeck, like most Republicans, just repeats what she’s been told to think. That’s boring, Barbara. Replace her when her contract runs out!

  61. I have watched the View once when Barack was on and Michelle did her turn. I do not watch Daytime TV at all am not in the View’s demographic whatever it is. I think Joy is a delight and should have her own show. I think Whoopi has lost her snap and sparkle. Sheri tries hard but is as simpleminded as the Blond Bimbo.
    When I go to France I am amazed at the amount of incredibly erudite discussion on TV.
    My favorite news program are: JIm Lehrer on PBS, Washington Week with Gwen Iffill, Keith and Rachel (more Rachel than Keith.
    My favorite Drama on TV is Mad Men.
    The Best Movie last year: No Country for Old Men
    Best Books read: The Road by Cormac McCarthy,The Maytrees by Annie Dillard.
    Best Movies so far: Frozen River and Burn After Reading.
    Education: B.S. in Ed. Teacher for 50 years on 3 continents. M.A. in Reading Education.
    Husband: Phd from Colubia University in Pure Science.
    We are committed to the election of Barack Obama. We think Palin is a fool and McCain is erratic, disturbed and too old for the job. I am 76 my husband is 77.

  62. I did not catch the view yesterday because my cable was being switched. I will not watch it until after the election. Why? Because e.h. is like a robot zombie. She never really talks about the issues, only spews hate. Both candidates are human. However, she continually preaches the same thing about Obama. She is clearly being p.imped. After she came back from the florida trip with palin, she says all of this good stuff about palin, to include: she wears a flag pin. Guess what in all three debates, Obama wore a flag pin and john did not. John thinks that john may have PTSD from being a POW. Neither candidate is perfect. But eh should talk about what makes her candidate worth voting for. She should also note all the qualified repubs who are lashing out about the palin selection. I think that they know more than eh.

  63. Does Hasselbeck even have a mind of her own? She is like a stepford wife regurgitating Hannity and Limbaugh. She is entertaining though. I wish they would have the discussion out instead of breaking whenever things get heated. Let the smoke come from EH’s ears.

  64. the “reality-show blonde” is dumb beyond belief, but sometimes I watch because occasionally it’s fun to watch dumb people argue

  65. Cannot stand her. I understand that ratings are important, but for God’s sake, be a little original. Come up with something new and interesting. Just because the show is in the morning, doesn’t mean that the people watching it, I’m assuming mostly women, cannot make a difference between smart and phony. She should take a hike!

  66. Also, what’s up with Sherry and her undecisiveness? As far as I remember, she was so excited to vote for Obama, so that she could tell her kid that one day he too could run for a president. I was very dissappointed in her, didn’t know she was such a flip-flopper.

  67. And how about that spoof of “The View” on Saturday Night Live last night? They nailed it on all accounts. I can’t imagine Hasselbeck is too happy about her portrayal as she seems to be very thin-skinned. If she’s feeling down about it, perhaps her buddy Hannity can pull her out of her funk by exchanging some hateful Obama quips with her.

  68. It doesn’t bother me that the view has a conservative, (a stupid one at that) it balances out the show (i’m 4 obama) but I think the problem with EH is the fact that a Black Man will become president. And the killer is, she’s so upset and I think she fully doesn’t understand where her anger is coming from. But as an African-American woman pass 40 i’ve seen this type of behavior more times than I would like to remember. EH please for yourself seek professional help ASAP it’s a changing world, I’d hate to see you left behind. pk

  69. SNL did a parody of The View this last Sat nite. EH just kept screaming like a child. The one who did Joy Behar was great.
    I cannot stand EH. She is a child. A spoiled child. Her campaign appearance for the other wackjob was pitiful.
    Get rid of them both.

  70. For the 3 times I’ve watched and enjoyed The View – I’ve never watched again – e.h. reminds me of a type from history know as a “Brown Shirt” I have so many things to do rather than support hate. Why is it “cute” to be cruel?

  71. I don’t know how Joy and the others tolerate e.h. She’s unbearable, ignorant, offensive, hateful…the list goes on!

  72. I found hasslewhatever so annoying, I turned off the tv.. sorry Whoopie, Joy, Barbara… love you and the other nice lady.. but…. stupid is annoying

  73. I would like to see what each of them would post on http://www.WhatWouldYouSayToThePresident.com

  74. The show is just smokin!

  75. I used to watch the View but stopped because of EH. I too wish they would get a reasonable conservative who has their OWN views, not what is said on Fox the night before. I watch the video clips and it makes me angry that she spews lies and hate like she is the only one “in the know” on the show.

  76. KILL HER!
    No seriously , Elizabeth is one of the reasons I started to watch the View. When she and Rosie started fighting the show got interesting.
    SHe is doing the country a great favor. She is making them see just how stupid, vapid and retarded the neo conservative republican movement is. And because of people like Elizabeth, Rush, Hannity, G.W.Bush, the American people are all leaning Democratic this year.
    So job well Done Elizabeth . You have been the greatest recruiter for the Democratic Party and Barrack Obama. We should all thank you.

  77. Say what you will about La Hasselbeck, she was very classy in defeat this morning on “The View.”

  78. I love EH, I think she is smart! I am a proud American, with conservative views. Pro-life, God loving American. I am not a racist, I don’t blow up Abortions clinics. I just want the dam government out of my pocket and business!

  79. Excellent job.

  80. Regular people absolutely need someone to idolise and glamorize ; I really don’t . People who find themselves celebrated for being famous use a lot of space in our lives and are generally far too overpayed.

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