QuickTakes: How Badly Will the Economic Downturn Affect Stations Through 2009?

Oct 12, 2008  •  Post A Comment

How badly will the economic downturn affect stations through 2009?
“It’s absolutely going to affect stations. One of our largest categories is automotive. What we’re hearing from car dealers is that the few cars they’re selling—September is one of the worst car sales months of the year—they’re having trouble getting financing for because of credit problems. With it still being the major category on most television stations, this market is undoubtedly going to impact our revenues, I would imagine, well through the first half of the year, if not the entire year. Let me put it this way: If it impacts the first half, it’s impacted your year.”
—Michael J. Fiorile, president and COO of Dispatch Printing Co. and president and chairman of NBC affiliate board

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