Rounding Up HD News: Sharp Releases Built-In Blu-ray TVs; Philips Posts 3Q Loss

Oct 15, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Sharp Releases TVs With Built-In Blu-ray Recorder
Sharp has released the Aquos DX, a flat-screen LCD TV that comes with a Blu-ray recorder/player built in, technology blog Gizmodo reported. The recorder allows a user to record television directly onto a Blu-ray disc. Ranging from 26-inch to 52-inch models, the television will cost between $1,600 and $4,900.
Philips Announces Third-Quarter Losses
Royal Philips Electronics posted expanding third-quarter losses, with operating losses widening 70% to $98.6 million from $58.1 million a year earlier, TelevisionWeek reported. The company’s TV sales fell 21% to $1.62 billion, while TV revenue accounted for 19% of the parent company’s sales, down from 23% a year earlier. Philips announced in April that it would begin outsourcing North American television production to Toyko-based Funai Electric starting in September in order to cut production costs.
Apple’s Jobs Says Blu-ray a ‘Bag of Hurt’ Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, while presenting new MacBooks, said Blu-ray is a “bag of hurt,” citing licensing issues, Gizmodo reported. Mr. Jobs said Apple is going to hold off from engaging Blu-ray until licensing issues settle down and Apple can avoid burdening customers with the costs.
‘Indy,’ ‘Casino’ Get Blu-ray Treatment
“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” hit stores Tuesday as the first film in the “Jones” series to make the leap to Blu-ray, High-Def Digest reported. The two-disc release contains several featurettes about the film, including an 80-minute production diary on “Skull.” The 1995 mob movie “Casino” also landed in stores in Blu-ray. The film was released on HD DVD at the end of 2006.
Blu-ray Players Could Go as Low as $150 on Black Friday
Technology and retail sources are saying Blu-ray players could slide to $150 during this year’s Black Friday, tech blog Fudzilla reported. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, one of the biggest retail sales days of the year. While the Blu-ray players won’t be the top of the line, the $150 price tag would mark a milestone as Blu-ray moves toward increased affordability.


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