Science Channel Rolls Out ‘Brink’ for World Market

Oct 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Discovery Communications’ Science Channel said it will focus on developing original programming designed for worldwide audiences.
Science Channel announced that its first series available for international distribution is “Brink,” a show about cutting-edge breakthroughs in technology, research, inventions and discoveries from the scientific world.
The series is hosted by Australian Josh Zepps. It is produced by CBS Eye Too Productions. The format is designed to allow customization for different regions of the world.
“‘Brink’ is the first of many exciting new series in our new development pipeline and something only a dedicated service like Science Channel can create,” said Deborah Adler Myers, senior VP of programming, Discovery’s Emerging Networks. “‘Brink’ is a thought-provoking and engaging series that connects viewers with incredible science and technology stories from around the world.”
“Brink” is also the first original series commissioned by the channel since Clark Bunting was put in charge. Mr. Bunting is also president and general manager of Discovery’s Emerging Networks group.


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  2. This sounds exciting. Cutting edge. Informative. Can’t wait for a list of the subjects.

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