‘SNL’ Numbers Soaring on Political Humor

Oct 6, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The political engine continues to churn ratings success for “Saturday Night Live,” as Saturday’s “SNL” topped the previous week’s numbers by 23%.
Featuring another appearance from Tina Fey as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, along with a guest appearance from Queen Latifah, the latest “SNL” episode, hosted by Anne Hathaway, drew a 7.4 rating/18 share in overnight metered markets.
Saturday’s “SNL” came within one-tenth of a ratings point of the premiere on Sept. 13, which was the show’s highest-rated episode since 2002.
Year-to-year, this season’s first four episodes of “SNL” are running 49% ahead of last season’s start in metered markets.


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