Study: Online Viewers More Engaged

Oct 8, 2008  •  Post A Comment

A sizable contingent of online video viewers are more engaged with Web programming then they are with TV programming, according to a report released today by online video site Veoh Networks.
Veoh found that so-called “engaged viewers,” those who watch more than an hour of online video each week, make up nearly 40% of online viewers, and that they watch nearly 75% of all online video. This data is promising to advertisers who are keen to find engaged viewers in any ad medium. This group is twice as likely to recall ads as other online video viewers, Veoh said.
About one-third of engaged viewers are 13 to 24, and they are also more likely to watch videos all the way through, pay more attention to videos they do to TV, and interact with and rate the videos.
Veoh also found that 61% of engaged viewers expect to spend significantly more time watching online video in the next year, and this group watches an average of six kinds of online video content.


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