TidalTV to Carry CNBC Content

Oct 28, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CNBC has signed a distribution deal with TidalTV for the business news network’s long-form content.
As part of the deal TidalTV will carry CNBC titles including “The Hunt for Black Gold,” “The Millionaire Inside” and “Saving General Motors,” while also providing news updates from CNBC.com to the online video platform.
“TidalTV gives CNBC an additional high-end platform to highlight our popular original programming, as well as expand the reach of our broadcast news and views from the world of business and finance,” CNBC Senior VP of Business Development Elisabeth Sami said.
“The addition of CNBC to the TidalTV roster of business news providers underscores our ongoing commitment to provide our users with a deep, premium-branded video experience that feeds their passions,” TidalTV Chief Content Officer Bob Quicksilver said. “CNBC programming comes to TidalTV at a critical time when people have an unprecedented thirst for business news and information.”
TidalTV already carries news features from NBC News and MSNBC, in addition to content from the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and the AFP.
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