ABC Slots ‘Scrubs,’ Solidifies Winter Schedule

Nov 20, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC’s slow-motion semi-unveiling of its winter schedule continued Thursday with word that “Scrubs” will air Tuesdays at 9 starting Jan. 6.
As for the information many die-hard fans of the network’s several struggling series want to know—namely, the fates of “Pushing Daisies,” “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Eli Stone”—the network continues to maintain strict radio silence. However, multiple industry insiders confirm that the network has decided not to pick up any additional episodes of the shows, for now.
Industry insiders said ABC has known for a while that it wouldn’t be making more episodes of the series this season, but it only began calling producers and studios today.
What’s more, while the network isn’t ordering new episodes of the show, it isn’t completely slamming the door on the future of the three series.
In the case of “Daisies,” for example, ABC has until around the end of this year to tell producer Warner Bros. Television whether it wants more episodes. The series is an emotional favorite for many inside the network, which may explain why ABC isn’t simply pulling the plug.
Of course, even if ABC has decided to cancel “Daisies,” there’s no reason for the network to tell viewers—or the media—that information right now. Since the series is still scheduled to air through December, confirming a cancellation now would be like telling viewers there’s no reason to watch.
Indeed, numerous industry insiders believe that “Daisies,” a complicated, expensive series to produce, is almost certainly dead, barring a last-minute miraculous resurrection in its ratings.
The fates of “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Eli Stone” are less clear.
Meanwhile, in terms of hard facts, ABC has confirmed that “Private Practice” will settle into its much-rumored new 10 p.m. Thursday time slot on Dec. 11. Repeats will air until Jan. 8.
ABC will double-pump “Scrubs” at 9 and 9:30 on Jan. 6 and Jan. 13. On Jan. 20, the show will air in its regular 9 p.m. slot, with a new comedy expected to air at 9:30 p.m. One option is animated comedy “The Goode Family,” though the two shows hardly seem compatible.
The network also has confirmed the move of “Life on Mars” from its current 10 p.m. Thursday slot to Wednesdays at 10, behind “Lost.” The shift will take place Jan. 28.
With ABC ordering four more episodes of “Mars” on top of the show’s original order of 13, ABC will have about 10 episodes of “Mars” to air post-“Lost.” That should give ABC programmers enough evidence to decide whether to bring the show back for another season.
After that, there’s talk that new crime drama “The Unusuals” will move into the 10 p.m. Wednesday slot sometime in March.
Also on the ABC drawing board: A time slot for new reality series “Border Security.” ABC has told advertisers the show will air Tuesdays at 8 p.m., opposite “American Idol.” However, ABC insiders said no decision has been made and there could be a debate over whether it makes sense to sacrifice the show against “American Idol.”
(5:30 p.m.: Updated 12th paragraph)


  1. WAKE UP, ABC!!! Pushing Daisies spans all the age demographics and captures an Intelligent community, too! Your priorities and lack of creative marketing ideas only show that even YOU have no grip on what reality really is! Haven’t we got enough of the same garbage on plenty of other stations to watch? Take a chance…Be Unique. Provide something your viewers really ENJOY for a change, instead of dumping it before you really give it its due! (Maybe you can take a hint from what they’re doing with Eureka?)
    UNBELIEVABLE!! You finally get a WINNING show, with FANTASTIC characters, FABULOUS CAST!,ORIGINAL and different storyline with fast moving EXTREMELY WITTY dialogue for those of us who aren’t brain dead with your stupid ‘reality’ garbage, and you decide to CANCEL IT?????!!!! -BAD MOVE! PUSHING DAISIES is the best show you’ve come up with yet! There are still plenty of us out here that need a little humor and mental stimulation.
    And what a fantastic combination of cast! It’s my FAVORITE SHOW! I really don’t need more remakes, copycat or generally large breasted based interest shows with NO SUBSTANCE!
    These are just the ABSOLUTELY **BEST ACTORS** who work so well together! This is REAL ENTERTAINMENT! (And trying to shove us over to ‘Chuck’ by making ‘duplicate image’ characters won’t work for me-Think We didn’t notice??)
    **And By The Way…these are **EXCELLENT WRITERS**- worth their WEIGHT in GOLD! Keep them on this…WE WANT MORE!!!!
    If ratings seemed lower after the writers strike- think of THIS… You made us wait forever and **NEVER PROMOTED** the RETURN of Pushing Daisies as you did other shows. Your viewers became confused & LOST trying to find out WHEN or IF* you would ever bring it back! (*Just for the record…by reading an old article, is the FIRST I’ve heard of your Pie Hole trailer! It should’ve been added to the end or as a commercial attachment during the show*. I would’ve loved to see that!-If you’ve already spent the money on that Airstream…how about sending it around to the REST of the country??!!)
    DUHHH! *THIS ONE HAS SUSTANCE! What a wonderful escape FROM the true reality!
    *And then you would DENY US a real conclusion by continuing the saga in a COMIC BOOK???!!! Thanks for NOTHING, ABC! What’s wrong with you?
    **CONTINUE THIS SHOW!! Dump some of the other really JUNK shows for the mindless kiddies instead!

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