Carl Quintanilla, Co-Anchor of “Squawk Box” on CNBC

Nov 30, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Backround: Mr. Quintanilla’s big TV break came during his six-year stint as a reporter with the Wall Street Journal, which had struck a deal to share content and talent with CNBC.

TV News Talent

His appearances from 1999 through 2002 showed such natural promise that CNBC made him co-anchor of “Wake Up Call.” NBC News heeded the call. As a Chicago- and New York-based correspondent, Mr. Quintanilla became familiar to “Today” and “Nightly News” viewers with his reporting on everything from forest fires to hot spots in the Middle East and Hurricane Katrina’s devastating visit to New Orleans, where his work earned an Emmy, a Murrow Award and a Peabody. Rather than be one of many constantly traveling correspondents, he chose to return to CNBC.

Buzz: Mr. Quintanilla is on the radar at every network news operation because he’s shown he’s got what it takes to do anything, including handling the unexpected verbal bank shots from fellow “Squawk”-er Joe Kernen for three live hours each weekday. A frequently heard characterization: “He’s the next Matt Lauer.” A lot of people would like to have the next Matt Lauer in a world where a smart, solid, unflappable, comfortably telegenic man is increasingly hard to find. A plus: He’s nice.


  1. give him alot of credit for putting up with
    Joe “my head is so far up Bushes ass i can taste the koolaid” Kernen

  2. What a treat to see such a genuinely nice, interesting and good looking smart guy like Carl Quintanillla making solid contributions at CNBC. And how interesting that he’d pass up being the regular feature correspondent on NBC to go back for more of an anchor position at CNBC. Good luck with Joe Kernen. I hear he’s actually a fun guy behind his quirky personality.

  3. Don’t let that pretty face and kiss-up fasad fool you. Carl is just another ambitious, back stabber which cnbc seems to breed. I use to like him too–but Jon Stewart had him pegged correctly. The thing that bothers me most is his blatant, socialist BIAS which he probably developed in Boulder,Co. where it is quite easy to be brain washed in one’s desire to “be liked” by everyone and “fit in”. What a fatal character flaw?? He and Liesman are so’oo obviously LEFT, they may belong to the same club. I may be wrong about the guy–I hope so, because he is a likeable sort of guy. I wish he and many of his colleages @ cnbc would take a few classes in Economics @ NYCU or Barruch or Columbia or anywhere?

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