CBS Orders Reality Competition Series From Fleiss

Nov 2, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“The Bachelor” producer Mike Fleiss is back in business at CBS, landing a seven-episode order for a new competition-based reality show.
The untitled project will feature families, all of whom live close to each other, competing for a large cash prize. Casting has just begun on the project, which will be ready for broadcast sometime in 2009.
Mr. Fleiss will serve as executive producer of the hourlong series via his Warner Horizon-based Next Entertainment.
The project is Mr. Fleiss’ first for CBS in four years. His last Eye series, “The Will,” was canceled after airing just one episode in January 2005.
“The Will” generated heat from critics who didn’t like its premise: Friends and relatives of an Arizona multimillionaire competed to win his fortune. CBS buried the show on Saturday night and, following predictably low ratings, it was axed.
Mr. Fleiss, who also produces feature films, has been stepping up his TV development as of late. He recently teamed with RDF USA to sell “For Better or Worse,” a six-episode show set up at The CW. And TV Land soon will debut his dating series “The Cougar.”
Michael Camacho of United Talent Agency represents Mr. Fleiss.


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