Chart: Broadcast Program/Commercial Viewership Increase

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The folks at TiVo have seen an increase in broadcast viewing, at least among TV lovers who own TiVo digital video recorders. Live viewing is up a bit, but time-shifted viewing is up even more. TiVo’s StopWatch ratings service provides data for both program ratings and commercial ratings for various lengths of time-shifting, as shown in the chart below.

September 2008 vs. September 2007

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Program Rating

Fall ’08/Fall ’07

% Change

Commercial Rating

Fall ’08/Fall ’07

% Change

Total 13% 9%
Live Viewing (5-second interval) 5% 5%
Time-shifted viewing 24% 23%
Near-live viewing (within 1 hour) 20% 19%
1- to 6-hour delay 32% 34%
6- to 24-hour delay 20% 20%
24- to 48-hour delay 29% 30%
48- to 72-hour delay 29% 27%
72-hour to 7-day delay 26% 26%
7- to 14-day delay 27% 26%
Source: TiVo StopWatch ratings service

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  1. Reporting percentages alone is likely to be misleading given that the base total time spent viewing live programming is much larger than the time spent watching time-shifted programs. Percentages alone do not tell us whether the 5% increase in minutes of live viewing represents a larger number in total minutes than the 23% increase in minutes of time-shifted viewing. Showing the actual number of minutes would make for a more meaningful representation of the data.

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