CNN, MSNBC Web Sites Most Popular on Election Day

Nov 5, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CNN.com won the online news race on Election Day for TV networks, ranking as the most visited Web site on Nov. 4 among all TV network Web sites, with MSNBC.com second, said online audience measurement firm Hitwise.
CNN.com’s traffic rose 146% on Tuesday compared with Monday, while MSNBC.com’s traffic jumped 122%.
The traffic on Twitter.com rose 43% on Election Day, while Yahoo News saw a 55% rise and Google News got a 58% bump. Yahoo News was the most visited site among news, media and political sites that day, Hitwise said.
(Updated throughout at 7:12 p.m. ET.)


  1. Andrea,
    I have hear all cleansing out pours from the African American community, seen the tears and watched the entire election process. I tape Morning Joe and watch every day. I was disable from a work injury last December so I have time on my hands. The show has a chaotic, delightful, and vigorous discussion on everything. You appear on the show often and are slightly more grounded.
    I am a 60 year old female, not a hippie, but a free spirit of the sixties. I have lived through and seen the African American struggle. I too shed tears last night for the minority’s dream come true. I also shed tears for myself and the innocent white community that has carried the burden of guilt for others actions. I asked myself if “we would at last be forgiven”, if we would no longer be treated with distain, fear, hostility, distrust each time we reach out to minorities. There is not a bigoted thought in my mine.
    I too have experienced extreme hardship in life, it time that all Americans reach out and forgive each other. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, but it needs to go both ways. Acknowledge our pain, tears, quilt and forgive us. When this is done and the bigots have finally died off the country will truly be united.
    I look forward to the future

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  3. A large number of several legitimately DO feel the US govt was involved.

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