ESPN Secures British Open Broadcast Rights

Nov 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ESPN has signed a multiyear deal with the R&A, organizer of golf’s Open Championship, that takes effect in 2010.
ESPN will televise 34 live hours of the British Open’s four rounds and also will produce six hours of encore highlights coverage on ABC. ABC Sports will air the tournament’s championship round for the last time next year before it makes the jump to cable.
“One of the most venerable of all sporting events has embraced the 21st-century worldwide media landscape, and we’re thrilled to showcase the Open Championship like never before,” said ESPN President George Bodenheimer in a statement. “The scope of this deal and the enhancements we obtained offer us tremendous opportunities to serve the R&A and golf fans around the world through any device.”
The deal includes exclusive U.S. coverage of all rounds of the Senior Open Championship, which is governed jointly by The R&A and the PGA European Tour, and coverage of the 2011 and 2015 Walker Cups, to be held in the United Kingdom.


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