Plestis Shifting From NBC to Universal Media Studios?

Nov 17, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The latest buzz on NBC reality chief Craig Plestis has the executive possibly headed to sister company Universal Media Studios.
NBC has maintained a strict silence regarding Mr. Plestis since word first surfaced on blogger Nikki Finke’s Web site that NBC was considering replacing Mr. Plestis with Paul Telegdy of BBC Worldwide America. Then last week, Mr. Plestis told the Hollywood Reporter that he was staying put.
“I’ll be here for a long time at NBC,” Mr. Plestis told the trade.
However, that hasn’t stopped the industry from speculating that Mr. Plestis could still be vacating his current post as head of alternative for the network.
According to a knowledgeable industry insider, Mr. Plestis may actually be headed to NBC sibling UMS. He would either head up a unit in charge of unscripted programming or set up shop as an independent producer.
When asked about the possibility of Mr. Plestis shifting to UMS, a representative for NBC declined comment.


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