Podesta, Genachowski Join Obama Transition Team

Nov 5, 2008  •  Post A Comment

President-elect Barack Obama today formally announced a transition team, saying it would be headed by John Podesta, Valerie Jarrett and Pete Rouse.
Mr. Podesta was the final White House chief of staff in the Clinton administration. Ms. Jarrett is CEO of Chicago development firm Habitat Co. and a former Chicago city official. Mr. Rouse is chief of staff for Sen. Obama’s Senate office.
The team includes several people intimately familiar with media issues, including Julius Genachowski and former Federal Trade Commission member Christine Varney.
Mr. Genachowski was a chief counselor for former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and subsequently an executive for Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactive. He is now an investor and technology strategist. Mr. Genachowski was a Harvard classmate of Sen. Obama’s and played a major role in the writing of the Obama campaign’s media issues platform. He has been mentioned as among the possibilities to head the Federal Communications Commission.
Mr. Genachowski also has been mentioned as a candidate to fill the White House chief technology officer position Sen. Obama wants to create.
Ms. Varney, who was assistant to the president and secretary to the cabinet in the early days of the Clinton administration, became an FTC commissioner from 1994-97; she was an advocate of children’s issues, especially those related to Internet privacy.
The transition team also includes former Commerce Secretary William Daley.
The transition team also includes Donald Gips. Mr. Gips was former chief policy adviser to Vice President Al Gore and chief of the FCC’s international bureau; he now is group VP-corporate strategy and development, for Level 3 Communications.
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