‘The View’ Finishes Ahead of Daytime Pack

Nov 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

For the first time in its 12-year history, “The View” finished No. 1 in total viewers among daytime programs for the week of Nov. 3.

The program attracted 4.67 million viewers and was first in women 18-49 for the second straight week, posting 1.04 million viewers and a 1.6 rating.
“The View” also made records on Wednesday, Nov. 5.
Its post-Election Day outing was the show’s most-watched telecast in total viewers with 6.17 million, beating its previous record by more than a million viewers. The episode was the show’s seventh-most watched telecast in women 18-49, garnering 1.43 million viewers.


  1. I woulnd’t miss the girls for anything, I love this program!

  2. If you like four or five people all talking at once, you will love this show. If they ever get canceled, they won’t even know it, they will still be talking louder and louder and pitching only single views long after the cameras have shut down and the crew has gone home. sheeeshhh!

  3. I hope we can now get rid of Elisabeth!

  4. Now that their beloved Barack has won, they’ll have to find something new to yak about. Maybe they can debate Sheri’s flat earth theory.
    No arguments, no viewers.

  5. I know why everybody tuned into the show on the 5th. To watch Elizabeth eat crow….

  6. They could talk a LONG LONG time about why Walters would give Limbaugh and title of being “fascinating” instead of what he really is: disgusting hypocritical recovering drug addict.

  7. Even for a Republican Elizabeth is not really bright! Yeah, she should go get another Republican with a brain!!
    Joe Scarborough boast of the less educated Blue collar working that would NOT vote for Barack (hence) Sarah Palin & Joe the Plumber.
    Well, the voters have spoken at least as far as people that can vote and read & write the Majority want a Thinking Person to lead, Not one to have a beer with who cannot think . There are more smart non-racist people YEAH!!!!!!!

  8. Everyone should check this out.
    The dawn of hope. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

  9. I don’t think this will last. I think people tuned in to watch them fight. I used to be a big fan of Joy’s but now I cannot stand to watch her. She is a very bitter woman and is painful to watch. I don’t know how you can watch this show with all the ranting and raving. Maybe I am wrong, but let’s wait and see how the ratings are in a month or two.

  10. 95% (Blacks) Voted for Barack
    67% (Latino) Voted for Barack
    61% (Whites) Voted for Barack
    That tells me Americans want change, Who cares what race you are. Lets stand together and make this country the best multi race, country in the World.
    As a militray spouse, There is NO place like America.
    God Bless you all

  11. The ratings were up because the public realized that the ladies on “The View” were going to discuss political issues of relevance. It’s the same reason that viewers tune into Colbert and Jon Stewart. The difference is that women often talk over one another. So what?! Women can multi-task and are used to that!

  12. Joy Behar made a comment that children who are home schooled are “demented” during a discussion about where the Obama girls should attend school. Can you imagine what would have happened if joy Behar said that all Black children are demented or all Hindu children are demented? I think the show would be a lot better without Joy Behar; her so-called comedy is disgusting. And frankly, I think Elizabeth Hasselbeck is far more tolerant and more interesting to listen to — even for those who don’t necessarily share her views. I wonder if Barbara Walters will even bother to families who’re home schooling their children for such a disgusting and nasty remark.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Moves to Treatment Today. If this seriously isn’t just her looking to keep away from jail then it’s really dumb! She is likely to head off to prison for at least thirty days regardless who the judge is. Clearly in LA actually 6-8 days!

  14. Lohan Should go to Rehabilitate Today, Yet again she’s likely to make this happen? I would like take legal action against her for using my tax money when she did her “time period” at Lynwood…..useless bitch!

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