TVB Urges Adoption of Live+3 Ratings in Local Ad Transactions

Nov 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Television Bureau of Advertising and its board think the basis for local advertising buying and planning should be consistent with the standards used by networks and national advertisers. Therefore, the TVB has notified members and clients that it supports viewing data for live through playback three days later as the currency for transactions in Nielsen Media Research’s Local People Meter and other metered markets.
“Using Live + 3 program ratings best serves the needs of advertisers in today’s dynamic marketplace,” TVB President Chris Rohrs said in an announcement Friday, a day after TVB had communicated to its members and clients. Nielsen data indicates that in three days, more than 90% of all playback has already taken place, and much of that playback—51% to 86%, depending on daypart—occurs on the same day a program was recorded.
Networks, which had argued for Live + 7 as the national standard, and advertisers, which had wanted to base deals on live-plus-same-day viewing, eventually compromised on the Live + 3 with commercial ratings included. Locally, commercial ratings are not an option.
“We encourage stations to promote and use Live + 3 program ratings, and we encourage advertisers to take advantage of the valuable viewing that Live + 3 program ratings can deliver,” Mr. Rohrs said.
The TVB’s message is that for the vast majority of advertisers, ads that air within three days of original airtime still will build awareness of a campaign, motivate consumers to react to a time-sensitive sales event or cause consumers to take another desired action.
Nielsen announced last winter that it intends to add Live + 3 measurement to its metered markets in January.

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