ABC Launches ‘Homeland Security’ in January Opposite ‘Idol’

Dec 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC is taking on Fox’s warm-and-fuzzy “American Idol” with the documentary reality series “Homeland Security USA.”
The network announced today that the series, from “Scared Straight” producer Arnold Shapiro, will air Tuesdays at 8 starting Jan. 6. The network has shot 13 episodes.
Based on an Australian format, “Homeland” focuses on the frontlines of the war to keep America’s borders safe. Producers worked closely with a number of government agencies, including the Coast Guard and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).
Mr. Shapiro, also known for his work on “Big Brother,” is the executive producer of “Homeland.” Paul J. Coyne is supervising producer of the project, which is a Nate and Lil Production.


  1. American Idol?????!!!! For this you sacrificed PUSHING DAISIES?? More JUNK programming! Don’t we have enough GARBAGE shows covered by so many networks already?? SAVE **PUSHING DAISIES**!!!
    UNBELIEVABLE!! You finally get a WINNING show, with FANTASTIC characters, FABULOUS CAST!,ORIGINAL and different storyline with fast moving EXTREMELY WITTY dialogue for those of us who aren’t brain dead with your stupid ‘reality’ garbage, and you decide to CANCEL IT?????!!!! -BAD MOVE! PUSHING DAISIES is the best show you’ve come up with yet! There are still plenty of us out here that need a little humor and mental stimulation. And what a fantastic combination of cast! It’s my FAVORITE SHOW! I really don’t need more remakes, copycat or generally large breasted based interest shows with NO SUBSTANCE! These are just the ABSOLUTELY **BEST ACTORS** who work so well together! This is REAL ENTERTAINMENT! (And trying to shove us over to ‘Chuck’ by making ‘duplicate image’ characters won’t work for me-Think We didn’t notice??)
    **And By The Way…these are **EXCELLENT WRITERS**- worth their WEIGHT in GOLD! Keep them on this…WE WANT MORE!!!!
    If ratings seemed lower after the writers strike- think of THIS… You made us wait forever and **NEVER PROMOTED** the RETURN of Pushing Daisies as you did other shows. Your viewers became confused & LOST trying to find out WHEN or IF* you would ever bring it back! (*Just for the record…by reading an old article, is the FIRST I’ve heard of your Pie Hole trailer! It should’ve been added to the end or as a commercial attachment during the show*. I would’ve loved to see that!) DUHHH! *THIS ONE HAS SUSTANCE! What a wonderful escape FROM the true reality!
    *And you would DENY US a real conclusion by continuing the saga in a COMIC BOOK???!!! Thanks for NOTHING, ABC! What’s wrong with you?
    **CONTINUE THIS SHOW!! Dump some of the other really JUNK shows for the mindless kiddies instead!

  2. This show would be beneficial if it highlighted the numerous human rights abuses inflicted on innocent victims applying for asylum, held in prison for years on end, and tortured and drugged before sent home to their death. People like my husband, who have been drugged to the point that they suffer a personality change known as Stockholm syndrome, who have been denied basic human rights and tortured at the whim of some of these I.C.E. agents. But this won’t happen, because Homeland Security won’t allow it. But if you want to see how Homeland Security REALLY operates, without scrutiny and as a completely autonomous agency, then google: J LZ (author) on AuthorsDen and read our story. And if you still don’t believe me, then google: ACLU Sues U.S. Immigration Officials and For-Profit Corrections Corporation Over Dangerous and Inhumane Housing of Detainees for verification. I am a U.S. citizen and have personally witnessed this corrupt agency’s work. I’m ashamed that we allow this to the point of asking Janet Napolitano to investigate the inner workings of this disgusting organization. That is not to say that good people do not work for this agency, but the overall reputation of this agency is disgusting to those of us who have experienced it’s torture. Then google: REX-84 and ask why Homeland Security is building prisons to imprison U.S. citizens. This agency is as corrupt as they come! SHAME ON ABC!

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