HD Fuels Stay-at-Home Entertainment

Dec 4, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Families are looking toward their televisions for entertainment, as more and more are staying home amid bleak economic conditions, a new survey said.
In a survey of 1,026 adults commissioned by Verizon, 57% of them said they would look to spend more time at home watching television rather than attending events outside the home.
Verzion said part of the rise in “home enterstayment” is due to deep discounts of high-definition televisions as retailers look to lure penny-saving customers during the holiday season.
“Staying at home no longer means your entertainment options are limited,” said Shruti Joshi, Verizon’s director of marketing. “As families continue to look for ways to manage their budgets, they’re realizing that by staying home they actually have more choices, more control and more time together. For example, even in this economy, over the last two months, we see strong growth in FiOS TV video-on-demand sales.”
Of those surveyed, 62% said they own a high-definition television, while 16% of those who have an HD set said they would either “definitely” or “probably” purchase another before the end of the year.
Other factors driving people to buy high-definition sets appear to be the lure of football, according to a separate survey commissioned by Samsung.
In a survey of 1,011 adults about half of those who identified themselves as football fans said they would skip a weeklong vacation in order to put money toward the purchase of a high-definition television set.
“Compared to any other sport in America, football attracts more devoted fans week after week to their television screens to watch the sport play out in front of their eyes,” said John Revie, VP of visual display marketing for Samsung Electronics America.
“To find out just how discriminating this group is, we explored how football fans will be watching the big games this season and what would influence their viewing experience all season long.
We weren’t surprised to find that among these passionate fans, an HDTV viewing made a difference on how they enjoy football on television,” he said.
Among the football fans in the survey, 54% said they would “most likely purchase a new HDTV for the start of football season if their budget allowed.”

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