Personalized Recommendations Coming to Web Video?

Dec 9, 2008  •  Post A Comment

What if online video was more like Amazon or Netflix? Imagine video-centric sites like Hulu or NBC.com actively recommending videos just for you. It might not be that far off, because the future of online programming could get a lot more personalized as video sites develop the brains to predict and serve up shows tailored for an individual viewer’s tastes, according to a Forrester analyst. For details on what this future might look like, check out this week’s edition of the New Media Minute. You’ll also hear from YouTube documentarian Chuck Potter about what it takes to be a Web star.

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  1. So, I can’t wait to see what happens when the privacy zealots get a hold of this.
    Why is it OK for my Tivo to make recommendations, but there is a huge uproar when the ads that I see online are ‘customized’ and targeted to me? Seems like a bit of a double-standard, no?
    BTW, love the t-shirt!

  2. Daisy- I really, really look forward to when suggestions are made based on what other people (who watch the shows I watch) also enjoy. Currently YouTube provides Partners with a strip of their own videos along the bottom. And randomly serves up related video. But it also offers suggestions on a customized homepage if you want. I’ve found these to be fairly accurate. But I tend not to visit that homepage as often as I do the pages of my favorite creators. Thanks for the shout-out. I look forward to Potter’s Film getting wider distribution- it’s an unusual look at the transformation of a few YouTubers and I found myself learning a lot from his unique perspective… about fellow creators and even myself. He’s a good man- Potter.

  3. Daisy, can the complete interview – and/or the docu – of Mr.Potter be seen anywhere online?

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