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Dec 14, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Credits Check
So, how bad have things gotten? While sleep-disturbed and watching ABC’s overnight “World News Now,” The Insider spotted two typos in the full set of credits that only roll at the end of each week while the “World News Polka” was oompahed on a tuba-type instrument. That’s how bad.
Except it turns out it there was only one typo and one inside joke. One of the four technical directors is Dominick, not Dominck, Sabol Sr.
But there is not a Willis Chambers, who operates one of the “robotic” cameras, and a Willis Chambers Jr. who is the “Chief Chuckler.” There is only one Mr. Chambers. He’s seen occasionally as a shadowy figure in some wide shots of the “WNN” studio and heard every night/early morning during the “Skinny” segment that features celeb news. Just what the inside joke is still is not quite clear. Stay tuned.
One of the most endearing things about “WNN” has always been the credits, which include such entries as “Jill of All Trades” and “Minister of Useless Information.”
Hey, The Insider, known for asking “Who else would tell you such things?,” thought that last one was her job. All right, she’ll settle for “Ms.ter of Useless Information.”
Katie Couric
Coif-ee Talk
The fashion editor of a certain daily New York City tabloid is clearly in need of a good shag.
She was wrong, wrong, wrong when she panned Katie Couric’s short new ‘do, not to mention in the minority, based on The Insider’s informal survey and CBS viewer feedback since we first saw it on “Evening News” Dec. 1.
We should all be so lucky as to be able to whack 10 years off our face with a minimalist cut that pops out cheekbones even Angelina Jolie might envy and that manages to be both business-like and oh so au courant.
Even more to the point: It
doesn’t look like she’s going to the same scissor-hands that every other woman on TV seems to be wedded to.
Anderson Cooper on 'Sixty Minutes'
HR Buff ’n’ Stuff
Speaking of CBS News, imagine how many hits CBSNews.com could log if “60 Minutes” posted the outtakes from the swimming pool portion of Anderson Cooper’s interview with all-time Olympian Michael Phelps.
Make it pay-per-view.
Throw in a screen-saver featuring Mr. Cooper, the CNN anchor who contributes to the CBS News magazine, on the starting block in his knee-length jams and The Insider would get a subscription.
That definition. Those pecs. What sternocleidomastoids.
‘Twouldn’t just be “60 Minutes” viewers asking for seconds.


  1. I must get up early to prepare to go to work. When I surf channels to an overnight news show, I find that, of the three major networks, only NBC and ABC offer closed-captioning on their shows, CBS does not. I find that a great disservice to viewers, not just those who are hearing-impaired, but those, as myself, who do not want to disturb others in the household who may be sleeping. Does CBS need to find a sponsor willing to pay for the service?

  2. If you’re able to actually read captioning I salute you.They are regularly full of typos to the point of often being unreadable.If I were actually hearing impaired I’d find myself still woefully uninformed from unintelligible captioning.

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