Chart: Adding Up Inaugural Viewership

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Do you want to see how Barack Obama’s inauguration stacks up against those of other presidents? Nielsen has put together a list of past swearing-in ceremonies and says Ronald Reagan drew the most viewers in 1981. George W. Bush’s second inauguration, in 2006, drew the fewest since 1969. Richard Nixon was the only president whose viewership increased for his second inauguration. The full list follows.

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President Year Total Viewers
George W. Bush 2005 15,536,652
George W. Bush 2001 29,008,200
Bill Clinton 1997 21,583,000
Bill Clinton 1993 29,721,041
George H.W. Bush 1989 23,316,325
Ronald Reagan 1985 25,053,886
Ronald Reagan 1981 41,800,260
Jimmy Carter 1977 34,127,090
Richard Nixon 1973 32,950,900
Richard Nixon 1969 27,007,700
All were held Jan. 20.
Source: The Nielsen Co.

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