John Nogawski on Judge Judy

Jan 25, 2009  •  Post A Comment

John Nogawski, president of CBS Television Distribution, isn’t one to downplay Judge Judy and her talents.

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“Without a doubt, she defines the [court] genre. But I think that she transcends it. She’s so much more than a judge—she’s an entertainer,” he said.

Mr. Nogawski said Judy’s unpredictability is responsible for a good amount of her success.

“I think the people that come into her courtroom are as much looking forward to how she’s going to deal with her particular case as they are wanting a decision. They have no idea who they’re going to get that day,” he said.

But considering Judy’s entertainer leanings, are we likely to see “The Judge Judy Show”?

“No,” Mr. Nogawski said. “She considers herself a judge. She wants to consider herself an expert in no other field.

“She understands where her star shines, and that’s where she prefers to be,” he added.

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