‘Judy’ Still Rules Court Show Ratings

Jan 11, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Little growth has occurred year-to-year in the court genre, ratings-wise, as CBS Television Distribution’s “Judge Judy” continues to run roughshod over the rest of the courtroom programs in syndication.

“Judy” has posted a 4.4 Nielsen Media Research household rating so far this season, declining 8% from this time last year. Compared with the rest of the field, “Judy” is showing some of the least audience erosion.

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Also, “Judy” holds nearly a 100% advantage over the genre’s second-place competitor, CBS’ “Judge Joe Brown,” which has averaged a 2.3 household rating. “Brown” has slid 15% versus last year.

Counting ties, “Brown” has held the second-place spot in the genre for 517 weeks.

No shows in the genre have posted any gains from last year. Third-place “The People’s Court” from Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution declined 13% to a 2.1 and fourth-place “Judge Mathis” from Warner Bros. dipped 18% to a 1.8.

Twentieth Television’s “Judge Alex” is in fifth place with a 1.6, followed by the distributor’s sixth-place “Divorce Court” at a 1.5, down 11% and 21%, respectively. “Divorce” is off the most of those entries in the genre that are still offering original episodes.

Twentieth’s “Cristina’s Court” is down 8% from last year to a 1.1, while Sony Pictures Television’s “Judge David Young” declined 11% to a 0.8 household rating.

Newer offerings from Sony and Program Partners are ranking low in the genre, as Sony Pictures Television’s “Judge Karen” is averaging a 1.0 household rating. Program Partners’ “Family Court With Judge Penny” is in last place, averaging a 0.6 rating.

In terms of new original daily syndicated offerings, “Judge Karen” is third out of six, beating “Judge Penny,” Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution’s “The Bonnie Hunt Show” and Debmar-Mercury’s “Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.”



  1. Way to go Judge Judy!
    As for Judge Alex, I can’t believe he is still on the air.

  2. Carolyn, Bite your tongue!! Alex is way hotter and a much better judge then Judy! She is mean and never allows anyone to finish a thought. She jumps to conclusions and is really nasty!!
    I LOVE Alex and Cristina’s Court! They are the best two court TV
    judges and Alex was ranked as one of the hottest 100! Cristina BEAT Judge Judy out of a daytime Emmy! So before you atta girl the meanest judge on TV watch the other two. They know the law and they let people talk! I for one am sick of Judge Judy, over paid and rude!

  3. Gee Kris, who is being nasty now? You’re telling Carolyn to zip it just because she likes Judy and you don’t…That would put you in the same league as Judy, nasty and rude. Oh also, learn how to spell..it is “much better THAN” overpaid is one word, not two. JUDGE JUDY ROCKS!

  4. Newsflash to Kris and other Nazis.
    Now that I have stopped laughing at your feeble attempt to intimidate me and order me around, I will never zip it, bite my tongue or otherwise shut up when I have an opinion I want to express.
    As far as what television shows I watch, I will make that decision. You have nothing to say about it. Cristina’s Court was cancelled, so I guess her Emmy did not help keep her show on the air.
    “Judge Alex” being “hotter” does not seem to help his ratings. His highest rating in the tv judge shows has been in the middle. He will never catch up with Judge Judy.
    As far as your statement that he knows the law, I doubt it. If he actually knows the law, he should know that even a white landlord has the right to collect rent from a black tenant. He should also be aware that minorities do not deserve $5,000 because white neighbors don’t like or get along with them.
    Although I work days and only watch daytime television when I have a day off, my opinion of “Judge Alex” is that he is an idiot and maybe an anti-white racist. My opinion remains that he and his show are a joke.

  5. It’s all about Judge Marilyn Milian on The People’s Court. She’s the best judge there is on television.

  6. I love Judge Alex, People’s Court and Judy. The others annoy me to no end.

  7. My favorite is Judge Marilyn Millian, I think she is loud but very smart. Although I like Judge Karen and Penny, I don’t see them lasting for too long.

  8. Judge mathis is the best court tv show by far..they need to cancel judge judy’s old ass…..lol lol

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