New BarelyDigital Channel Makes Fun of Online World

Jan 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Online television network Next New Networks and the creators of the popular Web channel BarelyPolitical have launched a new comedy network called BarelyDigital, the companies announced today.
The tech humor site will feature satirical content sending up the technology world. One of the launch videos, “YouTube Comment Fight,” is described as an ode to obsessive YouTube commenters.
The BarelyDigital and BarelyPolitical teams are led by producer Ben Relles. Since launch in 2007, BarelyPolitical videos have been viewed more than 125 million times online.
The new network will roll out in the coming weeks with regular shows, product reviews and comedy sketches. Obama Girl, the star of BarelyPolitical, is slated to make a few cameo appearances.


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