Olbermann Shares His Obama-Era Approach

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For years Keith Olbermann has ended his “Countdown” show on MSNBC with a reference to the Iraq War—the number of days since George W. Bush appeared in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner on a Navy aircraft carrier.
President-elect Barack Obama may be set to take over, but Keith Olbermann is hinting that the signature signoff may yet survive.
“I will probably continue it,” Mr. Olbermann said in an interview. “It will be a game-time decision [but] we are still stuck [in Iraq] and will be stuck there quite a while. I would expect fewer diatribes about Iraq, but we have brothers and sisters and kids in danger and they deserve at least to be watched.”
Mr. Olbermann has been one of TV’s most severe critics of the Bush administration.
Aside from news stories citing Bush administration scandals, Mr. Olbermann has often done “special comments” segments sharply questioning President Bush or administration officials.
While his statements have helped boost “Countdown’s” ratings, they also has brought complaints that Mr. Olbermann was an inappropriate choice to also host MSNBC’s news specials. Mr. Olbermann now hosts his own show and sometimes comments on news specials, but no longer serves as anchor of the network’s news specials.
That means he won’t take part in inauguration coverage.
Mr. Olbermann is suggesting “Countdown” won’t suddenly turn soft when the administration changes. The special comments will continue and some may aim at President Barack Obama.
“I don’t really anticipate yelling at the new President. Not to the extent I did at the previous one,” said Mr. Olbermann. “But I think every once in a while I may feel the need to say, ‘Hey pay attention to this too.’”
Mr. Olbermann’s relations with the Bush administration were pretty much non-existent, after “Countdown” aired an interview featuring Joe Wilson, the former U.S. ambassador and husband to Valerie Plame Wilson.
“We had Joe Wilson booked and the White House sent a series of talking points, not really knowing where I was coming from,” he said.
The talking points weren’t used.
“From that point on, there really has been no communication whatsoever,” he said.
While relations with the Obama administration will be better, Mr. Olbermann said that won’t much change the show’s look.
“There was no cooperation [from the Bush administration] so any amount of cooperation will be a change,” he said. “But I don’t know that the overall tone will change that much.”
He anticipates having a guest from the Obama administration “once in a blue moon.”
Mr. Olbermann also suggested that viewers won’t see much change in his own approach, because the same people he criticized will still be around whether in or out of the administration.
“There are still going to be people whose goals and aspirations in life run contrary to my aspirations of what our society should be,” Mr. Olbermann said. “I don’t think they have any intention of retiring from the scene. So I don’t think it’s my job to retire from the scene.”
NBC News President Steve Capus also predicted “Dateline” wouldn’t change significantly and suggested it and some other MSNBC programs that have been critical of the Bush administration will also be critical of the Obama administration.
“I think if you look at those hosts and those programs, they like to hold people accountable,” Mr. Capus said. “Democrats are in charge now. I would fully expect [the hosts] are going to keep an eye on everything [in the Democratic administration].”


  1. Olbermann has done more to kill off traditional journalism with its emphasis on objectivity and lack of bias that any other “news” person. What a joke!

  2. Not a Dem, but was always an MSNBC viewer. And then came Olberman. Good bye MSNBC, hello CNN. Sad to see the news department of Brokaw, Williams, and Russert fall into such overt bias on the air.

  3. Guess failed sportscaster Olbermann will have nothing to do but bash Bush for the foreseeable future. Can see it all now…”Nov 2, 2010: “Another disaster for Obama administration thanks to eight years of Bush Administration incompetence…He’s the worst person in the world!”. lmao. What a tool.

  4. Olbermann just tells the truth, why are people so afraid of that? The current state of the world with its economy and wars shows how much living in a bubble has got America.
    It always puzzles me that if you tell the truth then you must be biased for the left and if you lie, distort, twist and ignore important details then you are ‘fair and balanced’.

  5. Robin
    The truth is allowing both or multiple different arguments on the show….
    This is where Keith fails compared to all other “journalists” on his show its his way or the highway. He does not even ALLOW different views on his show, atleast other Bias commentators allow others on teh show to argue their points of view. This is why he is not telling the truth, and just speaking with no rebuttals, without rebuttal, nothing is ever truth.

  6. The freepers still can’t comprehend that Obama and the Democrats were the choice of the American people.

  7. Keith you talk about non bias reporting. What a Joke. How you have been able to stay on the air as a so called journalists I’ll never undserstand. As a sports announcer you weren’t very good. Mission accomplished will be when they run you off the air.

  8. J Collins,
    First,are you illiterate or just a poor typist?
    Secondly, are you under some delusion that Mr. Olbermann is reading your comments?
    Why don’t you just write directly to him?

  9. and I suppose Helen Thomas is biased as well. Airing both sides of an argument is indeed objective journalism, and when one side of the argument is based entirely on accepted falsehoods and greed then it is the obligation of an objective journalist to point it out. Not to simply smile and read “thankyou we hope to see you again” off a teleprompter. True television journalism aside from PBS has been dead for a long long time. Keith Olbermann is the closest thing to it. And he was a brilliant sportscaster and anybody who knows anything about sports knows that. Being a good sportscaster isnt just shouting stupid catch-phrases like simpletons such as Michael Kay, Ron Sterling, Dick Vitale, Stewart Scott etc… do.

  10. FINALLY!

  11. I gave up on MSNBC once Olbermann started with the hate speech. I can not sit and watch a network that spews some of the most vile and partisan hate in TV Histroy. Goodbye MSNBC how disrespectful a network you are.

  12. @Justin – Sometimes, actually fairly often, there is only one point of view. Are our media to be compelled to put charlatans, liars, and lunatics on the air on the one in a million chance they might have an opposing point of view that is actually valid for a change?
    If you want the Sean Hannity version of the news, there’s always the Fox “News” Channel.

  13. KO for years was the only person in media who kept me from being suicidal/homocidal. Then came the wonderful Rachel Maddow. They are both incredibly articulate and –well, just intelligent. I hope KO and RM stay around indefinitely–keeping the warped “right” honest, and calling them on every weasely con they try to pull.

  14. Olberman won’t host the inauguration coverage? I watched MSNBC, and he was a host. I thought his articulate commentary was brilliant.

  15. haha, the Freeper sheeple are crying that the PNAC neo-cons failed miserably — unfortunately the US and the entire world will suffer for years thanks to their idiocy!

  16. For those that don’t know Keith was a greasy hair ex-tv sports anchor in Los Angeles years ago .. he was a hack then and a hack now …

  17. I don’t know—. My husband is a coach and the ultimate sports fan and he seems to have a lot of respect for him as a sportscaster. And I notice he doesn’t lack for big sports names to come on his show. You sound bitter.

  18. FORMER MSNBC viewer – thanks to Mr. Olbermann.

  19. For years conservative have beat up on any journalist that does not have a conservative bias as being a part of the “liberal media.” Thanks, Kieth, for showing them what a liberal bias really looks like. Suck it up, Conservatives.
    Ron F.

  20. I think Keith Olbermann is a great asset to MSNBC.
    He alway keeps us up to date on politics and, of course, gives us his views. He is great!

  21. Some issues need to be handled with the intensity and forthrightness that Olbermann handles them.
    Too bad he doesn’t go near the issue of religion, because you Christian/Jew/Muslims and everyone else seriously need some Oldbermann-esque tough love.
    But it’s still a good analogy: the rest of us are tired smiling and nodding and accomodating your crazy behavior and pretending it’s a valid point of view. Anyone who supports the Right – the people who lied us into two wars, sold drugs and guns in the 80s to finance Latin American death squads, and so many more unholy things – you need to realize that this why Olbermann is so irate at you.

  22. keep up the count. it’s as valid today as it was at 11:59 am yesterday morning.
    W’s legacy lives on and still needs fixin’.boy, does it ever need fixin’….

  23. I agree with ColinT. ‘Responsible’ journalism is not simply hosting a reality talk show and giving everybody 5 minutes of air time.
    KO always has facts to back up his arguments and fox has snide, racist comments and bumper-sticker jargon. Anytime the white house sends you talking points, you’re no better than TASS back in the days of the USSR.
    KO was a great sportscaster at ESPN, and he still has a radio show with Mike Patrick. Anyone who says he was fired, now has no credibility on any subject.
    Don’t be afraid of the truth and the responsible journalists who aren’t too lazy or dumb to dig it up and bring it to us. The teleprompter readers at fox and the networks are in it to make money and not offend anyone, sponsors or viewers. If you call that news, you deserve what you’re getting.
    If, however, you want background and facts with the politicians’ statements, tune in to Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow.

  24. Love it when folks cry out that Keith is not “objective”. It is this false objectivity that has allowed America to slide into the abyss of a torture state. To criminalize dissent. To suspend habeas corpus. To invade and occupy a country which never attacked us and did not threaten us. To further degrade the air we breathe under the name of “clear skies.”
    By any objective standard, these and other atrocities of the last 8 years should be opposed by any and all Americans. Any and all human beings.

  25. MSNBC has been bad for a while that is why I now watch CNN. I think Olbermann is really an act, designed for the loony side of the left. His fans are the same as Limbaugh’s ditto heads – ie, non thinkers who only follow one side.
    yawn. Watch CNN people. learn something

  26. Fortunately for the whiners, the TV companies so graciously added a “Power” button on your remote. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
    Sorry he isn’t a Republican mouthpiece that all of Jesusland can agree with.

  27. I watched Keith all through 2007 and 2008. I agree with his feelings about the Bush administration. I am a Democrat. But, somehow, he has lost his appeal. I am tired of his constant blasting of Billo. I do not watch Fox so if Keith did not draw my attention to him, I would not know (or care). I do not want to hear about his hate for Fox every night. I think he should stop the “so many days since we declared Mission Accomplished” segment. We know all that, Keith. I always thought it was Keith’s attempt to channel the great Walter Cronkite who brought more attention to the Vietnam war by closing his broadcast with the dead and wounded count each night. And Keith’s high and mighty sign off of “Good Night and Good Luck”. He seems to fancy himself along side the best journalists of our time and he is far from it. The last time Keith had George Carlin on his show, George said something like this…”your shows first 35 minutes every night are the best anywhere.” I think that was and is still true. The rest of it…Worst Persons, Special Comments, etc. turn me off. I prefer to watch Rachael. Even though she, too, has issues she tends to run into the ground, she does it in a thoughtful, intelligent and light hearted way. Her interviews have much more substance than any Keith has ever done. Your article said that he did not take part in inaugural coverage. In fact, he did and I chose to watch CSPAN.

  28. It’s not ‘airing both sides’ that makes reporting ‘fair and balanced’. It’s airing the truth. The truth does not necessarily always exist ‘in the middle’, and the ‘NEWS’ from a journalistic standpoint isn’t aimed at airing ‘both sides’.
    There is only one side to ‘The Truth’.
    That is not to say that everything Keith (or any talking head/journalist) speaks is The Truth… but, given that his targets have largely been the biggest liars in the room, it seems apparent that airing ‘both sides’ means bringing the lie to light as having equal footing with The Truth. Just because the lie was sold to sheeple who believe it, doesn’t make it true.

  29. KO and Maddow simply the best things on TV period. As someone else stated, kept me from suicide these past 8 dark years. It will take years to unravel the twisted, depraved, immoral and, hopefully, illegal depths the previous administration has subjected this country to and I can think of no better persons to keep us informed and enlightened about these atrocities than Keith and Rachel. CNN…you must be brain dead!

  30. I started watching Keith Olbermann in 06 and I was impressed with his nerve to start telling the truth about Bush and his miserable cronies. I started watching every evening and started to get excited about his approach and he is the one who got me really looking at the the Lies, Corruption, Dishonesty etc. He should be awarded a great Medal for the service he provided the country in exposing the Bush administration of Farce. Thanks Keith, you are the best. You got me involved and I worked hard to get Obama elected.

  31. By the way Keith, have you ever noticed how much the Face of the Republican Party (HANNITY) looks like Lou Costello , can’t you delve into the old Bud Abbot and Lou Costello archives and you will see the spitting image of the loud and obnoxious Hannity.

  32. As long as FoxNews and other such disgraces are out there, we need an Olbermann to redress the balance. Besides, he may be opinionated, but he respects the facts, which the other side does not.

  33. Mr. Olbermann has said many times that he does not consider himself a journalist but rather a news commentator. With that distinction, he is free to offer his opinions. If you don’t like his perspective, change the channel! When he wants an “objective” reporters view, he brings them on the air.
    Most of the shows on MSNBC are commentary shows. I feel the same way about Fox news, I don’t like their perspective and I don’t watch them. There are some shows on CNN that are not commentary shows and are true news, as with most of ABC, NBC, CBS news. The cable channels are a whole different animal.

  34. Just like BillO is around because he reflects what a group of people in this country believe, KeithO is on the air because he serves as the voice for the rest of us.
    I believe that Keith blasting the past administration on MSNBC is absolutely justified by the reckless, arrogant and irresponsible governance of the Bush presidency. (see list: http://www.netrootsmass.net/hughs-bush-scandals-list/ )
    I would disagree with Joan’s assessment of his words as hate speech. KO’s words maybe delivered in anger at times, but their contents are not hate. And if you haven’t been angry at the way Bush/Cheney have run this country in the last 8 years then you have NOT BEEN PAYING attention. (see list referenced above)
    However, I also believe that BillO and KeithO have widened the political divide in this country which has taken hold thanks to Rovian politics and Fox News Slant which MSNBC has oppositely mirrored.
    My hopes lie with Obama, along with many others, that he can succeed in his promise to halt the rift in this country, which is now manifesting itself in the forms of various economic and social crises.

  35. Our news media uphold the pretense of objectivity in their broadcasts. Olbermann on the other hand has had the courage to blast through the phony reporting practiced by Gregory, Brokaw, and numerous other “fair and balanced” mainstream reporters.
    If you dont believe they are outrageously biased in favor of the status quo and those in power who constrain what they report, try to remember the way the networks showed Bush’s procession to the White House after he was sworn in last time he was “elected”. What was shown on live TV blocked pictures of eggs thrown at Bush’s limousine and other protest actions that kept Bush inside the limo. It wasn’t til I saw Michael Moore’s movie which did show the protesters that I learned what had actually happened. After coming back from the movie theater I went back and looked at newspaper reports which also screened out the protests.
    In other words there really is a “matrix” that screens out political reality and presents only what the powers that be want us to see and think about. The Obama crowds and their outpouring of emotion reflects the repression we have been living under far too long. People like Olberman, Maddow, Colbert, Stewart etc. are all we have to illuminate the reality of our politics. Without them the Brokaws and other poobahs will keep shielding us from the things we need to know if we are going to ever stand a chance of changing things.
    Thank God for Olbermann. We dont deserve people like him who tell us the truth. We deserve the aparachicks who we have instead.

  36. Keith Olbermann is more of an entertainer than a newscaster or even commentator. He knows that. Anyone watching should accept that, too. If you want to watch hard-hitting, straight-up news…his show is not for you. However, if you like intelligent, humourous commentary with an edge then there’s nobody better — including Bill Mahr, Steven Colbert and John Stewart. In the midst of his schtick, Keith always has his facts straight and gives you something to think about. Plus, Keith is the needed antidote to those clowns on FOX. I’m a big Obama supporter, but if he strays too far to the right, I hope Keith jabs him with a special comment and gets him back on track from time to time. Keep it up Keith! TV needs you! Don’t change…besides the Mitch McConnells, Clarence Thomases and John Boehners of the world will certainly give you lots of great material. And just because W is no longer prez, I’m sure he’ll still be on the scene saying and doing dumb things…

  37. Truth in reporting isn’t allowing both the truth and lies.

  38. I think Keith Olbermann does a wonderful job and I love Countdown. I think he should continue the “Days Since Mission Accomplished” segment and he indicated last night that he will. If the media had done their jobs better when Bush first started pushing the war in Iraq, we might not be in the mess we’re in now.

  39. Let’s face the facts. NO one gets all their information from one source. I use a combination of the so-called left media and the so-called right media to formulate my understanding of the issues. I don’t think people watching Olbermann or Maddow, or Hannity or Rush are expecting a fair mix of the issues. You don’t watch a Michael Moore movie expecting him to present all the sides of an issue. He presents his point of view and allows the viewer to make a determination. While I lean to left on most issues, I find it incredibly insightful to understand conservative thinking and therefore I’m just as likely to watch Hannity’s program.

  40. Won’t anchor inaugration coverage Eh? Well that just proves what a crok of shit YOU are spewing. Besides, Keith just lays it all out there & you American war mongers don’t like that much do ya? TOUGH TARTS!

  41. There must be some reason Keith Olbermann has such high ratings. I’ll tell you why – there ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW PAINFUL! Keith does that, with passion and knowledge. I never watched MSNBC until Keith Olbermann appeared. I never miss it now. And, no, I am not some liberal tree-hugger – I am a moderate who has always voted for the best person, not a label (political party). Intelligence, honesty, work-ethic, a sincere caring for the people – not ego! Someone who takes responsibility for their actions and can admit when they make a mistake. Keep up the good work, Keith – and I, along with millions of others, will keep watching every night. Funny none of you bring up “Fox Noise”, where EVERY COMMENTATOR IS AS BAISED AS ANYONE COULD BE! I used to watch Fox from time to time – no more. MSNBC – I know you signed Keith to a new huge contract – If I were you, I would extend it even longer, and now!

  42. I agree there will be plenty to keep Keith topical and interesting.
    I think he should devote a segment each day to debunking some “conventional wisdom” .
    Specifically, some contrarian economics would be nice, debunking the magical market place, the horrors of health care in Europe, the failure of FDR, and the other BS that seems to be carved in stone to those on the right, and “probably true” by those who just don’t pay that much attention.
    Another example is Obama’s seeming willingness to accede to the Republican’s desire to keep Bush’s disastrous tax cuts in place for no valid reason. It concedes their argument that these tax cuts have some value. They did not and do not. Spend some real time talking about this so regular people can get informed (i.e., figure out that they are being played for rubes).

  43. Keith
    You are the man . Keep telling the truth .
    Thanks and see you tonight !

  44. People on the right are so used to listening to the bile from Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Coulter, Inghram, and others of this ilk, that they are amazed and irritated with speakers of truth, like Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Randi Rhodes. Keep up the good work you three, you are needed.

  45. There’s a difference between having a sacrificial “liberal” like O’Reilly does, so he can have an apoplectic fit and yell “SHUT UP” at the top of his lungs, and having a discussion.
    KO doesn’t normally have those on his show who disagree,but I think that has more to do with the potential guest. I don’t see Karl Rove, Sarah Palin or any of the other extreme right wingers wanting to make face-time on MSNBC – not when they have FOX Noise.

  46. “For years conservative have beat up on any journalist that does not have a conservative bias as being a part of the “liberal media.” Thanks, Kieth, for showing them what a liberal bias really looks like. Suck it up, Conservatives.”
    Ron F.
    You are absolutely correct Ron. That has always been the purpose of Countdown with K.O. He is showing America what liberal bias actually looks like. Hello Conservatives! Look at me, here is the liberal bias that you accuse the rest of the American media of! He also exposes the bias, bigotry, hatred and propaganda from the right wing spinsters.
    Yes, Hannity and Bill O “the clown” have opposite views on their programs. But when have they ever given the opposing voice a chance to get an uninterrupted word in? The answer is never. When have they ever had a strong liberal and not a wimp like Alan Colmes? Again the answer is never. I would never tell the folks that like Fox News to not watch Fox. However, I just ask that in return they will not tell me I need to watch Fox in order to get fair journalism. Fair enough?

  47. Mary, I wholeheartedly agree. Keith does what he does in a style that some may think is over the top (overly incredulous, completely astonished, head shaking from side to side in amusement) but he almost always seems like he is having fun (except in the most serious of Special Comments) always has his facts straight, is never condescending and never speaks with the pure hatred that the crazy, breathless, face-contorted, wild-hand-gesturing, sickos from FOX News do (and I do use the term “news” loosely, very loosely. I love Keith.

  48. Keith Olbermann is heroic in standing against the oppression of the past eight years and he did it courageously when few in the media did. He has encouraged Rachel Maddow and helped to carve out a spot for her. Between the two of them our media serves some logic and proportion to the events of the day. Both are well respected by those who know whats important and those in respectable power prefer their audience to inform.
    Sometimes humorously over the top (like a sportscaster) Keith reinforces his opinion with repetition and supports his view with facts.
    Fox news may erode naturally without their government/mega-industry support. Can’t wait to see the Bauer addicts wretch for airplay.

  49. @Jim: “conservative thinking”
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard today!

  50. During the darkest of the Bush days Keith Olbermann kept a small flame of resistance burning. He offset the lies & misrepresentations & ineptitude of the worst administration in memory.
    His fact filled fulminations might not have irritated those he railed against but it sure as heck made me feel better.

  51. Media journalism has sunk so low in the last 17 years that some on this post complain about a real jounalist like Olbermann. This is ironic but indicative of where we are.
    The Fox News and CNN fans think that the Blitzers and journalists who merely report the “he said, she said” and without cutting through the non-sense, are not practicing journalism. They are practicing stenography. This form of stenography enabled the Iraq war.
    Journalists, do research, they rebut, they reveal, expose, and challenge. The idea is to find truth in so doing.
    During the Bush years, Olbermann was the first and, for a long time, the only celebrity media person to practice journalism while other celebrity media news persons practiced stenography repeating talking points and official pronouncements and assertiions.
    It is ironic that those who now are conditioned to believed that the stenographers are the real journalists, complain about Olbermann.

  52. What are some of you people talking about? Olbermann’s been a great journalist. Unlike Bill O’reilly and and Sean Hannity, he primarily focuses on facts. Objective news means telling the truth as it is, not trying to sustain some artificial balance that does not exist.

  53. Olbermann, unlike O’Reilly, makes no secret of his beliefs. He makes clear that he is expressing opinion. Until Rachel Maddow’s show came on air, Olbermann’s was the only show with a liberal slant on any of the major cable news channels. In the meantime, conservative pundits made up the vast majority of political voices heard on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, CNNHN, and of course every show on FOX. The fact that some of the unbelievable practices of the Bush administration invite disdain is not his fault.

  54. That so many of you think that Olbermann is biased is indicative of the fact that you have lost all comprehension of what non-biased journalism is. Fortunately, we have elected the right person as President (finally!) and thus all we have to do now is roll up our sleeves and get to work.
    I am so glad that I no longer have to listen to the right-wing doublethink any longer.

  55. Fox is Der Sturmer with tits and Irishmen. How could a network run by a long time GOP campaign manager, which last year was exposed as being a top-down propaganda organ of the extreme right, be afraid of one sportscaster and one brilliant lesbian?
    Because they don’t tell the truth on Fox. Only two tell the truth on MSNBC, and very rarely on CNN, CNBC, and the other cable shows. What is really sad is that comedians have to tell it like it is, which is great for Comedy Central and sad for America. Watch Fox and the right wing dummy brigade on Hardball and the other chat shows keep spewing the same old lines about deregulation, invasion, the surge, and on and on that we know are lies, popular and well loved lies by some, true, but lies nonetheless. We’ll watch KO and RM and SC and JS and actually know what is happening.

  56. Keith will hold wrong-doers feet to the fire. That is what journalists are SUPPOSED to do. Yes, he was tough on the Bush regime, but that is because they were a gang of thugs and gangsters. Some of those same people will be around during this new administration and undoubtedly there will be decisions made by the Obama administration which Keith doesn’t agree with and I have no doubt that Keith will call them on it. He called out Dems during the Bush administration. People who take issue with Olbermann’s alleged partisanship claim that he is softer on Dems. That’s not the point. The point is that there was such a blizzard of scandals and epic government malfeasance that there really wasn’t time to get to the wrongdoing. And frankly, the Dem wrongdoing was generally more unique instances of legislator greed. The Repubs were attempting, by and large, to fold the US government’s coffers into their private lobbyists’ coffers. Their fraud was to me, of a much greater level. That said, until we have perfect government, there will ALWAYS be something to complain about 🙂

  57. I think Keith Olberman tells the truth and some people do not like to hear the truth. Thank you Mr Olberman and I and many others will continue to watch your show. God Bless You!!!

  58. Keith’s show only exists BECAUSE OF Fox News in the first place. Somebody at MSNBC got fed up with BillO getting to be a hateful bigot, so they started the no holds barred type of COMMENTARY of the news.
    Yes, Keith leans left. He makes jokes. He can be slightly hateful only out of sheer indignation brought on by the scoundrels that have been running our government for the past 8 years.
    Compare him to his arch-rival Bill O’Reilly and there is little to talk about. Mr Olbermann hasn’t threatened to send producers to someone’s home to call them out on something trivial. He doesn’t cut anyone’s mic off. If someone wants to say he won’t have conservative guests, you are fooling yourselves because they are just too afraid to come on the show 🙂
    To each their own as far as style of news delivery, but I enjoy Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow’s consistent unfiltered opinions along with news. Things were so bad during the Bush era that the jokes wrote themselves in.

  59. I think Keith Olberman tells the truth when he agress with the truth and I think he omitt’s things that go against what he thinks.People that ask what I am afriad of when Keith tells the truthI can only answer I am afraid that you are only getting your news from one source. Thats a big mistake. I cant beleive people still fall for this crap. MSNBC is the flip side of the coin that is FOX news. I am completely done with all cable news. I was never a big FOX news fan. I say them as a cheer leader for the past 8 years and MSNBC has become the cheerleader for the other team. The only guy that I like on Cable is Jon Stewart.

  60. I’m a long-time NBC News fan, Obama supporter, and as a veteran of ten years with daily newspapers I think reporters should attempt to appear fair and balanced. I like Chris and even enjoy Rachel tho I know she’s liberal, but KO goes so far over the top I just can’t tolerate him.
    I want journalists to at least try to appear to be presenting both sides. So I switch over to CNN or someone else during Countdown.


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