Syndication Fantasy: ‘Seeker’ Renewed

Jan 25, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Disney-ABC Domestic Television’s “Legend of the Seeker” will continue for another season, as Tribune Broadcasting’s owned stations have renewed the weekend drama.
The sale means the first-run fantasy-adventure hour has been cleared in 35% of the country and seven of the top 10 markets for the 2009-10.
“‘Legend of the Seeker,’ the No. 1 new first-run syndicated show of the 2008-09 season, has proven to be a great fit for our Tribune launch group,” Janice Marinelli, president of Disney-ABC Domestic Television, said in a statement.
“We’re enormously pleased with their confidence in this exciting new scripted hour and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with them into ‘Seeker’s’ second season,” she said.
“We are thrilled with Disney’s commitment to this production,” Sean Compton, senior vice president of programming at Tribune Broadcasting, said in a statement.
Chuck Larsen, president of television consulting company October Moon, said “Seeker’s” renewal may not necessarily signal a trend toward more first-run action hours in the future.
There was a glut of first-run hours nearly 15 years ago, but that well has run dry as weekend hours now are dominated by off-net programming. “Seeker” is the only nationally sold entrant in the first-run weekend programming genre.
Mr. Larsen said off-net programming is an easier sell as it already carries promotion, a built-in audience and no production costs.
Distributors are particularly wary about rolling out new projects during this time as cash-strapped stations wrangle with a tough economy, limiting local sales of new, untested product.
A show like “Seeker,” with its noticeably high production values, is a costlier project that is dependent on international sales to make up the difference, he said.
Season-to-date, “Seeker” is posting a 2.0 household rating average.
The show also is available online via Hulu.com. Episodes are available for purchase at the iTunes Store and via the Xbox Marketplace.
“Seeker” is produced by ABC Studios, marking its first entrance into broadcast syndication. The show is shot on location in New Zealand.


  1. I am really glad to hear that this new series is doing well, and being renewed! It is a great show, based on the Terry Goodkind series of books, which is such a great recommendation alone…but adapted for TV, with such a talented cast, crew, writers, producers, and filmed in the locale that it is, with such high production values, and I am really glad that it is getting the recognition that it deserves!

  2. I am so excited with this new series and very happy that they are going into their 2nd season. Reading the Goodkink books show that series has so many ideas to yet explore and so many characters that have yet to be introduced. I only hope the series will continue for years. I believe that as viewers start to find the series that it will grow in popularity. The filming is excellent and Bridget Regan is a perfect fit of Kahlan Amnel, all the cast are great. To the cast I can only say keep up the great work.

  3. Great news. Let’s hope that if they ever have to cut costs, they don’t cut out New Zealand. IMO it’s the fourth star of the show.

  4. Thanks, to Dende que a oido ms plegarias.

  5. Yeah go Legend of the Seeker.
    Lets here it for one of the best series of its time.

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