Univision, Televisa Settle Program Licensing Dispute

Jan 22, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Univision and Grupo Televisa have settled their dispute over a program licensing agreement, which puts an end to the nearly 3-year-old legal dispute between the broadcaster and the program distributor.
According to a joint release from both companies, the amendment to the program license agreement, which runs through 2017, includes increased royalty payments to Grupo Televisa in exchange for “incremental rights” for Univision.
Specific details of the settlement were not released.
“We are pleased that today’s settlement concludes this time-consuming litigation. This settlement serves the best business interests of both Televisa and Univision,” the two sides said in a statement.
“It assures the public that Univision will continue to have access to consistently top-quality Hispanic programming. It enables Televisa to continue utilizing Univision’s extensive television networks as an important distribution channel for its content into the U.S. marketplace. For Univision, it assures that there will be no disruption in some of its most popular and valuable programming, as well as affording Univision an ongoing pipeline of future content developed by Televisa,” the statement said.
Grupo Televisa supplies a majority of Univision’s telenovelas in the United States through an exclusive agreement. But the relationship between the two sides have been strained in recent years, as Televisa filed suit in 2005, alleging unauthorized editing and a lack of payment for soccer games.
Televisa was expected to request a severing of the exclusive relationship with Univision in litigation.
Televisa will license home games to Univision for three Televisa-owned teams for 2009 under a separate settlement announced today.


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