Blogojevich Goes Late Night With Letterman

Feb 1, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will sit down with David Letterman on CBS’ “Late Show” on Tuesday.
After being accused of trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama, Mr. Blagojevich last week made the round of news shows.
The media tour had little affect and the Illinois Senate last Thursday voted 59-0 to remove him from his job and to bar him from holding public office ever again in Illinios.
Tuesday will mark Mr. Blagojevich’s first late night talk show appearance since being removed from office.
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  1. I am sad that in this country a linch mob can degredate the constitution,,,,I understand what he did was unethical in presentation but did he actually do anything wrong,,,,People say they would like to rob a bank but unless they do it there is no crime,,,,,why was Bill Clinton allowed to continue as president after he discraced our nation with what most of our presidents in the past have done,,,he got caught and what did you all do about it??? nothing!! Just so you know I do not like this govenor at all,,,,but just because I do not like him does not make him guilty of anything,,,,He has not been convicted of any crime,,,,,

  2. Technically, assuming the allegations are true, Blago did commit two crimes as noted in the indictment. One of the charges was not doing his job as a public servant. Apparently he spent all of his time doing some type of activity not related to his job. The other charge is either a conspiracy offense or “Attempt” offense. So, yes there are many offenses that are crimes when you simply plan them or talk about doing them. I believe Clinton was allowed to stay in office because the impeachment fell short of the needed votes (by one vote) and plus Clinton’s were not law violations, simply ethical ones. Although I do wonder if a Felony Adultery is still on the books in DC. It still is in some states.

  3. edberta writes: “I believe Clinton was allowed to stay in office because the impeachment fell short of the needed votes (by one vote)”
    There were two counts; for perjury, the Senate voted 55-45 against conviction. For obstruction of justice, the Senate tied 50-50, 17 votes shy for conviction (two-thirds majority is required to convict).

  4. I believe if you are media liked anything can happen. We as the people are only told what our government wants us to believe. Media is controlled and in the next 4 years we will come to find this true. Clinton did wrong as all others before him. Those that speak out are taken out, so people be careful what you say and whose feet you step on………………

  5. Pamela:
    You need to go back to school. Learn to read, spell and write. Then, when you can understand things a little better, maybe you could make a sensible comment about Blogo and the constitution. Til then let somebody else do it, OK?

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