HGTV Campaign: The ‘Moments’ of Your Life at Home

Feb 8, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Because economic times are tough and people are spending more time at home, HGTV has launched a new promotional campaign that reinforces the emotional connection people have with their dwellings.
The campaign, using the slogan “Life’s Biggest Moments Start at Home,” is purely a brand message and doesn’t promote any particular HGTV show—an unusual move for its parent Scripps Networks. The spots don’t even show clips or feature the network’s personalities.
“This campaign really just creates a spirit about us,” said Lori Asbury, senior VP for marketing, creative and brand strategy. “It just kind of creates the spirit of what embodies our overall brand message, which is that emotional connection that people have with their homes.”
Ads depict scenes from life at home: a baby shower, a dad having a tea party with his young daughter, a woman relaxing with coffee on the couch. All of the spots feature an original piece of music by Mike Ruekberg called “Trail of Stars.”

“It’s really a reflection of how people live inside their home, instead of us looking inward,” Ms. Asbury said. “We feel this campaign signals that HGTV really understands, now more than ever, what’s really important, and that’s family, friends and the memories that are created at home.”
Last year HGTV was ranked 20th among ad-supported cable channels in total viewers in primetime, a 1% increase from the year before.
HGTV this week put the ads in heavy rotation. One will show up each hour throughout the day for the next three or four weeks, Ms. Asbury said, including during “HGTV Showdown,” which starts Sunday.
The network also is working on a new batch of programs that focus on home as a design project, as opposed to some of its other shows that treat the home as an investment.
One such show already on the air is “Dear Genevieve,” featuring designer Genevieve Gorder.
“The whole theme of that show is, ‘Fall in love with your home again,’” Ms. Asbury said. “That’s one of our highest-rated shows on the network.”
Ms. Asbury said the campaign has been in the works for several months, based on research reflecting how the change in the economy was affecting people’s attitudes about their homes and that people are nesting and entertaining at home.
“Given these economic times, people shifted in thinking to becoming more pragmatic about the way they live their lives,” she said. “We know people are passionate about us, HGTV, because we’re bringing them ideas and inspiration and entertainment about the thing they love the most, which is their home.”


  1. Wow, that’s lame. I bet that will get real old real fast. A solid 3 (out of 10).

  2. The tea party with dad is sooooooo specials. He goes ALL out to make his little girl feel special for her make believe event, which in fact is a big thing for her. Something she will remember for the rest of her life. One of my favorite commercials.

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