Judge Rules in Favor of FBN in Treasury Suit

Feb 20, 2009  •  Post A Comment

A U.S. District judge supported Fox Business Network’s effort to get documents from the United States Treasury Department about the use of bailout funds for banks.
In a ruling earlier today, Judge Richard J. Holwell ruled in favor of the cable news network’s Freedom of Information Act claim. The government, which can appeal, has 30 days to comply. The Treasury Department also must provide a Vaughn Index to Fox Business Network by April 6.
FBN filed its initial request in November for data on the use of bailout funds for American International Group and Bank of New York Mellon. FBN later sought information on Dec. 1 about bailout funds for Citigroup.
The Treasury Department failed to respond to both requests, which led Fox News Network to file a FOIA suit against the Treasury Department.
“We’re satisfied that this information is finally, and rightfully, going to be made available to the American public. Fox Business Network, as a news organization, believes it’s important to hold the government accountable, especially for use of the bailout funds during this time of steep economic crisis,” Kevin Magee, executive VP of Fox News, said in a statement.


  1. Fox News has rights? Not for long, they are attacking you now via Murdoch……

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