Lifetime Slates Four ‘Nora Roberts’ Films

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Lifetime will premiere four original movies this spring based on the stories of author Nora Roberts.
The films will air over four consecutive Saturdays at 9 p.m., beginning with the March 21 broadcast of “Nora Roberts’ Northern Lights.” The film stars LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian and Rosanna Arquette.
“Nora Roberts’ Midnight Bayou” starring Jerry O’Connell, Lauren Stamile and Faye Dunaway, will air March 28, while “Nora Roberts’ High Noon,” featuring Emilie de Ravin, Ivan Sergei and Cybill Shepherd, airs April 4.
The final film, “Nora Roberts’ Tribute” starring Brittany Murphy and Jason Lewis, directed by Martha Coolidge, is scheduled for April 11.
All the films are produced by Mandalay Television and Stephanie Germain Productions for Lifetime Television.


  1. Well . . . . . . How come making a film of “The Villa” ISN’T WORTHY of Lifetime and its decision-makers? This NOVEL is one that I’ve gone back and read MORE than a DOZEN times!!! I have it in HARDBACK, PAPERBACK and NOW as a “BOOK ON TAPE!!!” Shouldn’t THAT tell people SOMETHING abt the quality of the novel?????

  2. I agree. The Villa is one of her best, but I’m afraid that 2 hours wouldn’t do it justice. I watched the first movies lifetime made. I was disappointed in how much was cut from the books and as in Montana Sky, they changed the personality and even the profession of some of the characters. I’m a big fan of True Betrayals. I would like to see that one in movie form as well.

  3. I love most all of her books…and have read some over again…BUT…I had a hard time getting through the Villa…
    That’s one I can say I didn’t care much for.

  4. I’ve read most of her books. The Villa would be harder to film than some of her other works. I still love Sanctuary as that was the first I’d read. I hope to see more of her books in movies.

  5. True Betrayals would make a great film. I would love to see some of her trilogies make it to a film series, like the Three Sisters Island trilogy or the Dream trilogy.

  6. I would be interedted in purchasing the Lifetime movies of these four books. Is that possible?

  7. I a SURE You can find the movies on Amazon or the Lifetime site. Although I did purchase 3\4 movies at Walmart in the $9.99 movie rack too 🙂

  8. In my opinion, Honest Illusions is her best book. It would make a great movie.

  9. I am a big fan of Nora’s “Santuary” and “The Reef”.I think they both would be good movies to watch. Also “Carolina Moon” would and I’m anxious to see “Tribute” in April. Tamara

  10. Tamara,
    Both SANCTUARY and CAROLINA MOON have been made into tv movies. Sanctuary aired on CBS and Carolina Moon on Lifetime. HTH

  11. the villa is a great book and I would like to see it as a movie. But my favorite all time NR books are Carnal Innocence and the Cordina Family books.

  12. also the Quinn Quad and the Born in trilogy would make great miniseries.

  13. I have all of her books including the ones under the name J.D. Robb. I hated when they did Montana Sky because they change it way to much. I have read and reread all my books I know them by heart and my favs are the ones she does about Ireland because you can tell she loves being there.

  14. I am very anxious to see these books on TV. These will make 8 so far! You never know what other books will be made into TV movies this year. I have read all of Nora Roberts books and all the ones she wrote under JD Robb. Those are the books I wish they would make into a TV series!! I love a good murder mystery and I think they would top any other TV murder show!

  15. It would be great if someone would make a movie or maybe a series for the In Death books

  16. im just so excited they are making the movies in the first place. There are so many of her books that i read over and over again. i am in the active duty army and have deployed twice, and every time i get home i reread every single one of her books again. its like getting new books all over again. i am counting down the days to the premiere of these movies. i really hope that they keep making the movies on all the books. i would really love though, for them to make movies on one of the series books. I love the ones that are based in ireland but any of the series books would do. they are all so well written.

  17. I love the Nora Roberts trilogy …dance apon the air ..face the fire..tears of the moon ..ALL are excellent but dance upon the air is my personal favorite…Nora brings you right to Ireland !

  18. Isn’t Dance Upon the Air and Face the Fire part of the Three Sisters trilogy?
    To be honest, wasn’t really thrilled with the first batch of movies, but I accept the fact that books and tv are two different mediums. Sometimes that’s a hard gap to bridge.

  19. I love all her books. I too am disappointed with the movie versions. However, I watch cause I love the books so. I loved the sisters and the keys most of all. But All her trilogies would be great on film if done right.

  20. Most of last years movies were tolerable, except for Montana Sky. That one was just awful.

  21. Just saw the commercial, and was so excited that they’re doing Midnight Bayou… love that book, have read it over and over! Love all of NR’s books, including the “In Death” series.

  22. I first read all four books by NR, and then I down loaded the audio from my library and what a great treat,and now I can’t wait to see High Noon,Nortern Lights,Midnight Bayou and Tribute.

  23. I’m sure all Nora’s books are available on her website.

  24. Oops….I meant her MOVIES….

  25. I agree, I was a little disappointed in the acting of the previous movies….I hope the next four are better….not so “second-rate”. I would also like to see some of the trilogies made into movies…..and actually have some of them filmed in Ireland. Noras books are addictive for sure!!!

  26. I am looking forward to seeing the new Nora Roberts movies but I have to agree with the other comments. I was not happy with the way Montana Sky was changed for the movie. I hope Lifetime realizes that Nora Roberts fans are watching these movies and we know her books inside and out. I hope you stick close to the true story lines. I would hate to see such changes made in the new movies just for the sake of filling a 2 hour time slot.

  27. I would love to see the Chesapeake books made into a movie. I have read them over and over and never tire of them, Of course being from Maryland I can relate to all the areas that are mentioned in the books. This would be one movie I would record and watch over and over again.

  28. I hope Leann Rhymes does a better acting job then she has done in the past. She is not one that I would call a actress, and I really liked Northern lights hope she can pull it off.
    I would love to see the Chesapeake books made into a movie. I have read them over and over and never tire of them, Of course being from Maryland I can relate to all the areas that are mentioned in the books. This would be one movie I would record and watch over and over again.

  29. I just wish I had her money! :).
    It has been a long time, maybe 10 years, since I read any of her books, but they were fun fluff when I was in the demographic.
    Looking forward to seeing if these four are any better than the last ones.

  30. I have to say, I am so excited to see these books come to film! I love Nora and all the material she has put out there. I would really like to see all her trilogies come to film as well. Her books have done so much for me and to see them come to film is just great. Granted some of the acting done in them isn’t the best, but hell, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Thank you for posting this info of all the movies that are coming to Lifetime.

  31. hey i think Carnal Innocence was her best by far. i have read it over 50 times. but honestly i would love to see her do a trilogy as a full screen movie. i know there are alot of people that would go to see a trilogy movie in theaters. that way there would be time to give the books justice.

  32. Honest Illusions is the best! It would make a great movie.

  33. I didn’t realize they were making more movies!! YAY!!! I love all of Nora’s books. I also hope the new films do better justice to her books than the previous 4. Northern Lights is a favorite of mine and I loved Midnight Bayou. I’d like to see River’s End made into a movie or The Reef too. Honest Illusions is a good one too. Really any of them could make for a great movie if done right.

  34. I agree that The Villa is one of her best books and I would love to see it made into a movie. I don’t buy that It would be difficult to make. If they can make “Diamond Girl” by Diana Palmer into a Harlequin movie Lifetime can make The Villa.

  35. Definitely Carnal Innocence. That book was made for a movie. Or dream triology? MacKade brothers? Why not ’em?

  36. I think Villa would be greet movie.Sister Ilands i would love to see,that was one of best or the keys.Yes thay are Three books just have one a week.I will watch any of her movies.all her books are greet.

  37. I agree 100%, bring the Chesapeake series to TV.

  38. I agree 100%, Montana Sky was a disappointment. Bring the Chesapeake series to TV and do all 4 books.

  39. wile ‘ve read a great majority of nora’s book i think tribute one of her newest and public scandals i my ultimate faves , the male and female characters were perfectly matched the story was so deep and light i couldn’t put it down.so i can’t wait for tribute but i wish public scandal could have been chosen too.

  40. I am not a big fan of her singular novels, but I am a big fan of her trilogies.
    Why can’t they translate from book to movie her wonderful trilogies?

  41. I have never watched a Nora Roberts film until today I saw Monatna Sky then Northern Lights came on and I watched it also. I enjoyed them so much, no more to say but I’m hooked on Nora Roabert films. These films are great and I can not wait to see the rest of them.

  42. Wow… I saw Sanctuary for the first time today. What a horrible adaptation! No wonder Nora has asked Lifetime to handle her novels — they do a remarkable job compared to that horrible showing by CBS! And yes… I’m loving watching the Nora-thon today. I am a true NR junkie!

  43. Most of the books into movies I have enjoyed. However, until the books have been issued in paperback, they should not be made into movies. Angels Fall premiered before it came out in paperback. This ruined the book for me and felt like I got cheated. I have been in hopes she wouls not sell any more books to movies until after her faithfaul readers have purchased their books, be they hardback or 1 year later in paperback.

  44. Fancast has the Nora Roberts movies. Sweet guilty pleasures 🙂 Check it out- http://www.fancast.com/tv/Nora-Roberts-Angels-Fall/95530/full-episodes

  45. The Villa would be great movie. Mystery, love stories appealing to three generations, setting in America and Italy … what more could you ask for?

  46. I agree that the Chesapeake Bay Quad and the Born in Trilogy would make great movies. The Dream Trilogy would also be good. But if they’re going to tackle these series, they should definitely be done as separate movies and not combined. I hope she continues to put her books on the screen. I know it’s not always the same as the book, but sometimes it’s just another way to revisit her stories, without having to read them over again.

  47. I would love to see The MacKade Brothers series on film. I find that their the best romance books that I have read.

  48. Even i would like to see The Villa and True Betrayals as a Movie. Hope they try and do justice to it. Meanwhile, of the lot, ; High Noon remains a better movie.

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  50. The first NR book I ever read I brought on holiday over 20 years ago, and it still remains one of my all time favourites, a book I have had to replace several times due to how often I re-read it!. That along with The Sign of Seven, The Circle Trilogy, The Witness and any from J. D. Robbs In Death Series made into a movie or mini series would make me a very happy fan!……….

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