Producers Issue ‘Final Offer’ to SAG

Feb 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

After three days of talks with the Screen Actors Guild, Hollywood’s producers have issued a “last, best and final offer” to actors that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers says contains significant concessions.
“The AMPTP made these enhancements in an effort to conclude the AMPTP’s sixth major labor agreement in the past year,” producers said in a statement issued Thursday evening. “The terms in the offer are the best we can or will offer in light of the five other major industry labor deals negotiated over the past year and the extraordinary economic crisis gripping the world economy.”
The AMPTP said it would give SAG 60 days to mull its offer. After that, “We reserve the right to modify or withdraw the terms of the offer.”
The producers also claimed the AMPTP’s previous “final offer” represented a $250 million increase over SAG’s now-expired contract. Guild members have been working without a deal since June 30.
Earlier Thursday, Daily Variety reported that a new deal “remained out of reach,” with an end date for a new SAG contract being a key sticking point. Producers have been seeking a three-year deal that expires in 2012; SAG wants a deal that expires in 2011.
Producers confirmed this was an issue and said they had offered a compromise: If SAG agreed to a three-year deal, producers would agree to start their next deal with actors in 2011. The producers agreed to begin negotiations for a new contract in November 2010.
There was no immediate comment from SAG on the AMPTP’s statement.

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