Super Bowl Advertisers Not Seeing Online Traffic Jam, Akamai Says

Feb 2, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Apparently, a Super Bowl spot doesn’t buy much these days. So far today, Internet traffic to Web sites of companies that advertised during Sunday’s football game is about the same as for the week leading up to the game, according to Web technology firm Akamai, which measures Internet traffic.
Usually, Web traffic jumps the day after the big game, as TV viewers go online to check out the products and services pitched during the event.
Traffic also was low during the game, averaging about 200,000 visitors per minute to the aggregate group of advertiser sites that Akamai tracked, down from their normal traffic of about 300,000 to 400,000 visitors. That’s to be expected, however, because most people were watching the game itself.
Among the advertisers who did register traffic spikes last night were GoDaddy.com and Hulu, Akamai said.
As for the quiet Web day today, perhaps viewers weren’t wowed by the ads.


  1. This is the most ridiculous headline and article I think I’ve ever seen. Are you really that much against TV and Super Bowl advertising that you would try to trash such great nunmbers?! How much traffic does one need to be rated as something that “…buys much these days”. What other media has done this and when?
    You reported earlier that GoDaddy.com’s traffic was up from an average of 10,000 per minute to 433,206 per minute and that isn’t enough?! You say it’s 10-15 minute sustaining rate was 134,328 visitors and that isn’t enough either. How many folsk you think knew about GoDaddy.com before their first SB ad?
    You are nuts and now I know whenever I sse your tagline, to write-off anything you say as gibberish and BS!!

  2. Upon reflection, Patrick thought about some of his comments and how angry they may seem. Upon review of his post, he also realized that nunmbers is not a word.
    He thought to himself, next time I’m that angry, I think I’ll just order a pizza – loaded! Just for the heck of it!

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