TV.com Use Explodes as It Gains TV Video

Feb 12, 2009  •  Post A Comment

TV.com has posted major Web-traffic increases after its partnership with CBS Interactive ushered in new content—particularly premium video—to the site.
Nielsen VideoCensus information for the month of January finds that TV.com more than tripled unique monthly users over the month before. Streams rose 13-fold and minutes of content viewed exploded with a 4435% increase.
The rebranding of TV.com as a destination for content that also appears on television makes it a rival to Hulu, the News Corp.-NBC Universal Web site that streams their shows and other video.
Additional numbers from Nielsen Online for January also show that the site was up 19% in users over the month before, along with up 26% in visitors and 43% in minutes spent on the site.
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  1. They lost me when TVTome.com became TV.com. It sucks. And now that TV Guide has bought JumpTheShark.com and piled on their CRAP, it, too, has Jumped The Shark. Such a shame.

  2. It needs all the boosting it can get from what I’ve seen. Hulu.com does a better job than any other in mixing ads with entire shows.

  3. I was one of those early users of Hulu (a year ago?) but thought the selection was rather bland and the look of the site spartan and dull. Well, how things change! I can’t believe the amount of quality content on their site. I’m still a little confused by their layout (and they number episodes differently than other sites do) but it’s pretty minor when I think that I can grab tons of tv almost immediately after broadcast.. almost enough to consider ditching my cable tv plan altogether.. would cut my monthly bill in HALF.

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