Cheney to Appear on CNN Sunday

Mar 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

CNN announced today that former Vice President Dick Cheney will guest Sunday on its “State of the Union” program hosted by John King, in what the network is billing as Mr. Cheney’s first broadcast TV interview since leaving office in January.
The interview could be attention-getting. Since the Bush administration left office, the economy has worsened, violence has picked up in Iraq even as President Obama has announced a timetable for withdrawal, and the president has announced his intent to close the Guantánamo Bay detention facility.
In addition the president has revoked a Bush administration order banning some stem cell research and the Justice Department has released memos that offered a broad view of the powers of the president. Mr. Cheney could be asked about any or all of those subjects.


  1. Does anyone really care what Dick Cheney has to say?

  2. Cheney’s probably got “people” handling a proposed book deal behind the scenes. They need to keep him in the media and annoying people.

  3. How dare you bring him on. Couldn’t have anything to do with EFCA could it? Won’t be watching Sunday, nor will I be watching at any other time.

  4. I hope Cheney chokes on his own puke.

  5. Why would anyone rally behind Cheney? In earnest do people have any clue how bad his policy decisions were?
    1) He defended and continues to defend Rumsfeld, even though Rumsfeld tore Gen. Shinseki apart for suggesting to congress back in 2003 that we would need “on the order of several hundred thousand soldiers” to hold and occupy Iraq.
    Rumsfeld’s take on this? “Far off the mark”.
    When election time rolled around and the new light-weight military that Rumsfeld envisioned failed, it was only then that Bush (not Cheney mind you) finally started listening to the heads of CENTCOM.
    It was only then that the executive branch advocated the “surge” strategy (in affect taking Shinseki’s advice) even though they’d been made aware years in advance of the long-term cost of trying to run the war on the cheap.
    2) Cheney had also intervened in many cases to undercut long-standing environmental rules for his personal benefit.
    One particularly deplorable case was his handling of the “Klamath” situation.
    Some quick history …
    In Oregon, a battleground state, drought-stricken farmers were about to be cut off from the irrigation water that kept their cropland and pastures green. Federal biologists said the Endangered Species Act left the government no choice: The survival of two imperiled species of fish was at stake. Cheney personally involved himself, managed to reverse the ruling, and let the water flow in time to save the 2002 growing season. Months later, the first of an estimated 77,000 dead salmon began washing up. Not only were threatened coho dying — so were chinook salmon, the staple of commercial fishing in Oregon and Northern California. State and federal biologists soon concluded that the diversion of water to farms was responsible.
    Fishermen filed lawsuits and courts ruled that the new irrigation plan violated the Endangered Species Act.
    In the summer of 2006, the federal government declared a “commercial fishery failure” on the West Coast after several years of poor chinook returns virtually shut down the industry, opening the way for Congress to approve more than $60 million in disaster aid to help fishermen recover their losses. That came on top of the $15 million that the government has paid Klamath farmers since 2002 not to farm, __in order to reduce demand__ !
    3) Cheney personally pushed for the CIA to find a correlation between Hussein and Al Qaeda to justify invading Iraq. Don’t believe me? Read ex-CIA director George Tenet’s book, “At the Center of the Storm.” Almost all of his claims are corroborated by Colin Powell’s aide Col. Lawerence Wilkerson. Not to mention numerous CIA analysts and national intelligence officers (ie/ Ray McGovern, Melvin Goodman, Paul R. Pillar, etc.) have come forward and said the same. Perhaps the most damning indictment comes from Cheney’s own mouth. In an interview with ABC News last week (December 12, 2008 on youtube at v=HuXEDrDFhr4), Cheney suggested the administration would have gone to war with Iraq even without erroneous intelligence!
    Cheney is a dangerous, and I’d go so far as to say angry, man who has a propensity for making exceptionally poor decisions.

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