Video: Differentiating Web and TV

Mar 25, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Is the bathroom verboten when it comes to watching online video? How do you actually pronounce user-generated content—without sounding silly? And what’s the secret sauce that makes Web video a different beast than TV? Daisy Whitney sent Lori Harfenist, the New York correspondent for the “New Media Minute,” to interview digital executives at ABC, MTV and Fancast on those pressing issues.


  1. What more thoroughly differentiates video on the web from video on TV is the ever-rising user expectations, the virtual bar for user experience. Web Video has the edge in interactivity, personalization, search, and “on demand”, though TV has the edge in real-time quality. The fun part is how competition between the two pushes the envelope, driving one service to move ahead, or the other to catch up. It’s like a race whose finish line is constantly moving further away from the runners. We’ll be placing bets on our favorites for a very long time to come.
    I’m studying the issues in depth. see my recent article: Bridging the Content Delivery Gap between the Internet and the TV Set via the Intel-Yahoo Widget Channel Framework
    … and planning further discussions with the many partners that Intel and Yahoo have entered into agreements with on this framework. It’s so exciting, it makes me want to go out and get new hardware that will become instantly outmoded and surpassed.

  2. I posted a link in my previous comment, and it stripped out the HTML parts. The TVWeek web server used to play fair. Is this a new feature of the commenting facility on TVWeek?

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