Video: Marketers Are Tracking Teens

Mar 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Teenagers hold the key to the future, Daisy Whitney contends in this week’s edition of the New Media Minute. That’s why she looks at where they are and aren’t watching TV, and the numbers may surprise you.
You’ll also learn about marketers pouring real money into online video content for teens—yes, marketers are spending money in this economy, and they want to reach the young ones. Who’s spending and where are they putting their dollars?
Finally, Daisy offers a hot tip for TV executives on a Web show worth acquiring.


  1. I think a lot more people are either keeping cable or getting it as they look at it as part of the entertainment budget and it is cheaper instead going out 3 or 4 times a month.
    For people cutting the cord it has to be easier then buying another set top box for thier TV because people over the age of 30 are not going to sit in front of their computer to watch shows.
    It is smart for marketers to go after the teen market but not sure if all of them will be going to teen.com.

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