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Apr 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Marking the next step in its expansion strategy, online video technology company Brightcove has entered a deal with software developer Adobe to collaborate on technology and sales efforts.
The partnership gives Brightcove a deeper foothold with Adobe’s Flash, the popular technology for Web video that Brightcove has been using with its video delivery services. For Adobe, the strategic alliance strengthens its position in the online video business because Brightcove counts as customers some of the biggest media companies, including the Showtime and Lifetime networks.
The partners already were working together, but the new alliance should add capabilities. For starters, the two companies will collaborate when it comes to sales and marketing, giving them both a wider reach for pitching new customers.
Also under the deal, the partners will integrate Adobe’s technology into Brightcove’s service for long-form, high-definition video delivery and better content protection, Brightcove said.
In addition, Adobe’s video editing software will include a Brightcove plug-in. That level of integration makes it much easier for Brightcove and Adobe customers to use the other company’s technology.
The deepened relationship may help Brightcove protect its current position as a market leader in delivering online video services. Brightcove competes with other Web video technology firms such as thePlatform, Extend Media and Maven Networks.
“We’ve worked with Adobe on long-form media delivery and content protection in the past, but this alliance will take it to a deeper level where we’re approaching customers together with complete solutions,” said Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire.
Brightcove, in business since 2004, has reached beyond its media roots recently to expand internationally and into non-media businesses. Last month, Brightcove struck deals with marketers and media companies in Japan for online video technology.
In addition, Brightcove has been winning non-media customers such as the San Diego Zoo and the Rhode Island School of Design, which use Brightcove’s tools to offer online video on their sites.
While the partnership is not a knock-out punch, it does give Adobe another leg up in the race to become the Web standard for video, because Brightcove works with so many publishers, said Kaan Yigit, analyst with Solutions Research Group.
“Adobe works with Facebook, whereas [Microsoft’s Silverlight technology] is with MySpace, and the momentum has been on the side of Facebook on that one,” Mr. Yigit said.
However, he added, “Silverlight is said to be better with hi-def, and that’s where the market is moving. But the race is far from over—and the dark horse is Apple, depending on how iPhone/iTouch evolves in the next year.”
Brightcove and Adobe plan to demonstrate how their technologies work together at the National Association of Broadcasters’ NAB Show this week in Las Vegas.


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